Many are aware that the Reality TV industry contains only as much actual reality as audiences are willing to give it. So it’s never really a surprise when news breaks that shows like House Hunters and The Real World have more going on behind the scenes than producers saying, “Just be real.” The latest series to get thrown through the wringer is NBC’s weight-dropping competition The Biggest Loser, as a former contestant has come forward and revealed a slew of damning (alleged) details that should have future would-be contestants running for the hills.

Kai Hibbard, a Season 3 finalist, spoke with the New York Post about her time on the show – as did another contestant who chose to remain anonymous – and their stories portray The Biggest Loser as a miniature Hell on Earth, with very little positivity coming to light. Here are the 5 most outlandishly horrifying admissions that the former contestants made, putting the hit series in a completely different light.

Immediate Overwhelming Exercise
According to Hibbard, the 14 TV-ready contestants are taken to “the ranch,” where they are given a medical exam and are then shuffled off into workout sessions that even physically tip-top people probably wouldn’t just do on a whim. Hibbard said her very first workout, for which she weighed over 300 pounds, was four hours long and included rowing, working with giant tires, and a handful of other intense exercise routines. Saying that easing into things makes for boring TV, Hibbard claims her feet were bleeding through her shoes for the first three weeks.

Over the Line?: Well, duh. Assuming the producers want people to be able to walk and talk the next day, putting unfit people through such intense physical struggles is probably the worst thing they can do. I mean, there haven’t been mass amounts of hospitalized contestants after one day, but that doesn’t make it a positive way to go about introducing people into an exercise routine.

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