While it can be argued that there are never enough leading female roles on major TV series, it’s hard to deny that there are currently a ton of them, in shows encompassing all genres and networks. Women are kicking some serious ass out there, guys, and the “people” have spoken about who they think the best of the bunch is.

Over 1,200 men and women were polled by Trailer Park and QC Strategy, and they were presented with 17 of the highest-rated series that also passed the Bechdel test (which involves at least two women characters who talk about something besides men). Here are their six favorite female characters, according to Mashable.

6. Olivia Pope (Scandal)
How could someone, at least those outside of her target area, not like Olivia Pope? Played by Kerry Washington, Olivia was the rare black female lead when Scandal started in 2012 – not that things have changed too drastically – and as the leader of a crisis management firm, she has proven over the years that she will do whatever it takes to get shit done. She demands loyalty and she earns it, and she’s quite brilliant, even if her relationship with President Grant wasn’t exactly the greatest idea. Plus, she stays so amazing despite having a truly horrible father that clearly doesn’t know how to treat women. That said, it’s still somewhat surprising that Olivia only received 6% of the total votes.

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