It’s tough out there in the TV landscape. Every year, shows have to deal with getting older. As dramas and comedies age on network television, it gets harder and harder to entice new viewers while simultaneously a ton of brand new, exciting programs also compete for eyeballs. There are few things more important in television than momentum, at least when it comes to ratings. Unfortunately, there are plenty of shows on the air right now that are trending in a downward direction.

This list features shows that all started out in pretty great places. These shows even found real success, but recently, it’s become pretty clear that they’re moving downward and show no signs of improving. In fact, these drop-offs can’t even be directly attributed to increases in DVR. Instead, a tangible percentage of viewers seem to be looking in other places for content.

Without further ado, here are 8 shows that are having serious ratings problems.

Revenge box
There was a time when ABC’s Revenge was the hottest guilty pleasure show on Sunday nights. The revenge story follows a young woman who enters high society in the Hamptons with the sole intent of taking out the people responsible for framing her father. The show dominated in the ratings during Season 1 and continued to maintain a steady audience during Season 2, but several deaths and a couple of soapy returns from the dead later, the audience has trickled down considerably. The last episode before winter hiatus only earned a 1.2 rating and 4.6 million total viewers. While Revenge is clearly on a downward trajectory, it’s still sitting a little prettier than it’s lead-in Resurrection, which is nearly certain to be canceled by the end of the year.

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