Last night saw A&E premiering its latest primetime drama, Damien, Glen Mazzara’s small screen follow-up to the horror classic The Omen. Your own mileage may vary on the series – possibly hitting 666 mph – but critics have not been kind to Damien in these early days. This got us thinking about other well-known features that inspired unrequested and undesirable TV spinoffs and sequels.

Surprise! Here are 9 movie-to-TV efforts that not only failed to outshine their cinematic counterparts, but also failed to do anything beyond fade into the pop culture abyss, only to be remembered in scenarios such as this, and perhaps for an actor’s resume if they’re desperate. Now let’s start with a project that never should have made it to the “idea spoken aloud” stage.

ferris beuller
Ferris Bueller
Everything about John Hughes’ 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off worked, from Matthew Broderick’s endearingly smug performance to the character relationships to the very structure. Four years after the film came out, NBC tried to capitalize on the film’s success by spreading the story out over more than just one day with Ferris Bueller, starring Charlie Schlatter in the title role. Beyond the character names and Ferris’ popularity, there are almost no real similarities between the two projects, with the TV show going so far as to move the setting from Chicago to Santa Monica. Even Ferris’ snoring sound effects were bored with this, and it’s no surprise it got canceled in the middle of its freshman season, with only 13 episodes produced. Jennifer Aniston, though, right?

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