Most of this fall’s TV programs have wrapped up or are wrapping up for winter hiatus over the next few days. As these shows settle in for a long winter, some, like The Blacklist and Wayward Pines, have already been given brand new seasons. Others, however, are still churning out new content until this spring, when the networks make the final decisions regarding whether or not some of our favorites will be sticking around. While the networks have cut back on actually cancelling TV programs, there are several shows that are currently dead in the water and several more that are in danger of getting cancelled if their numbers don’t improve. Here are the 12 that are currently most in danger of being cancelled by the networks in 2016.

Bones, Fox
Bones has been losing viewers for some time now, and this year the network has even held off on putting Bones on the spring schedule. In addition to the low ratings and the lack of Bones this winter, David Boreanaz has also said he feels this season is the last the show will produce.

Status: Not dead but dying. I think Fox would need to pay more to have Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel come back and I think the network is not inclined to spend additional money on this series.

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