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It’s been time for Smallville to call it quits for a few seasons now. I’ve felt that way strongly about the sometimes overly cheesy show I once loved. Recently I’ve tuned in to keep up to date with all of the Superman tidbits being thrown around. Whether or not the show has outlived it’s welcome to some of us, the writers are determined to give the series a proper final season.

Spoiler warning: There are no major spoilers in this review. But if you absolutely don’t want to know what happens at all in the season ten premiere of Smallville then you probably shouldn’t be on the internet. And definitely not reading an official review of the premiere that you don’t want spoiled.

Long time fans are going to be satisfied with how the final season premiere’s with “Lazarus.” A title that is as apt as you’d imagine. Lex does return, albeit as a collection of creepy clones. Tess no longer looks like Two Face’s wife. And Lois is more like the character I’ve always thought of. You know, way too willing to get into trouble so that Superman has to save her; but still genuine and heartfelt in her intentions. As much as this was a Clark episode, I don’t think I’ve ever actually liked the Lois on Smallville until now.

Smallville is at it’s best when it gels together the lore of the universe with the people. The biggest problem the series had was trying to be too much of a sappy drama with the occasional cool moment to appease fans. We’re beyond that now as Jor-El informs Clark that his greatest challenge awaits. The one thing that is going to lead to the small town guy becoming the beacon of hope mankind needs.

The best moments of the season ten premiere of Smallville are those which I won’t talk about. There’s a really nice surprise in the episode that I’m hoping is what sets Clark on his path, rather than wallowing in his past mistakes. As for Chloe and Oliver, they don’t have to say how much they care for each other because what they do goes beyond cliché phrases.

Smallville still isn’t perfect, hell it’s not even the show it once was. But there’s genuineness about the way season ten kicks off that gives this cynical fan a glimmer of hope for what’s to come.

Smallville premieres Friday, September 24th at 8:00pm ET

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