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NBC’s Community has never done particularly well in the ratings, despite the fact it is sort of a beloved show amongst certain TV watching factions. Maybe because it has never been nominated for a major Emmy or maybe because NBC is going through some growing pains, halfway through Season 3, the show has been put on hiatus until at least the spring. One thing is for certain: NBC is hurting in the average day of ratings, and putting Community on hiatus to make room for Up All Night probably seemed like the best step forward. It still hurts for those of us who faithfully tune in every week to watch the show.

Things have already been looking up for Community recently. This week, the show improved in the 18-49 demographic, posting a two-month high. Now, NBC has partnered with Hulu Plus to bring all of the available episodes of Community to its subscription streaming service. According to Deadline, only five of the most recent episodes were available before the deal broke.

If you haven’t checked out Community, try giving Hulu a chance. I’m not advocating that Community is the greatest show on television or even the greatest comedy and I’m not demanding it deserves the lengthiest of runs. I know there is a lot of great stuff on Thursday nights. However, Community is a great little underrated comedy that deserves to be seen by more people; but especially deserves the chance to finish out its storyline – a chance another underrated NBC comedy, My Name Is Earl, never got.