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Amanda Seyfried And Aaron Paul Returning For Big Love Finale

Being a burgeoning movie star on a television series is tough, even if said program is on premium cable and only shoots a few months a year. What is your commitment level to the program that first got you noticed? Amanda Seyfried had appeared in Mean Girls and a few other minor roles before coming into her own on Big Love, and after Mamma Mia made a fortune, she was left to face just such a question. Ultimately, she, along with on-screen husband Aaron Paul (a booming star in his own right), were moved away from the family near the end of Season 4, but now word is that the couple did return for the series finale.

According to TV Guide, both Seyfried and Paul negotiated a break from the theatrical releases they were shooting in order to make it back on set to shoot scenes reuniting them with the Henrickson family.

I have no idea where Season 5 of the brilliant HBO drama will take the family, but with all that’s gone down in the previous four years, it’s hard to imagine the last episodes being anything but epic. The last season of Big Love premieres on HBO on January 16th.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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