October has always been my favorite month of the year, and it used to be because my birthday is in October, the weather finally got cool enough to walk outside comfortably and Halloween of course. Now, I find myself anticipating October because that’s when new seasons of American Horror Story premiere. FX has finally released what could almost be called an actual trailer for the series, although it’s just an extended teaser, like the others that have been popping up online lately, as the premiere gets closer and closer. Why isn’t it here yet?

The clip, titled “Initiation,” manages to fit in most of its all-star cast, starting with a bunch of high-heeled legs walking in tandem as the first two lines of “House of the Rising Sun “ as sung by Lauren O’Connell. Led by Taissa Farmiga, Jamie Brewer and Gabourey Sidibe, this group of witches walks past a shirtless, unconscious bull-headed person and up to the front door of a mansion, opened by Sarah Paulson. Evan Peters is seen looking down at them through a window. Inside, there’s a deer or an elk standing with three witches on stilts that all unmask themselves, unveiling the faces of the core squad of baddies: Jessica Lange’s Fiona, Angela Basset’s Marie Laveau, and Kathy Bates’ Delphine LaLaurie.

You always have to wonder how much of the imagery seen on these will actually come into the series itself. The pentagram on the ceiling is more than likely just fun set decoration, but I can’t help but feel as if that white cat that goes running across the room will figure into the plot in some way. Or maybe it’s just an ironic spin on black cats being a token of bad juju. And what of the masks the central trio wears? Lange’s is the most flamboyant, with plant life coming off if it. Bassett’s is like a pincushion, and Bates’ is horned, like the bull-man mask.

And then there are the floating witches, outside the doorway, which matches up with the floating witch above the staircase in a previous promo, seen below. I know that witches can fly, but floating in place isn’t their most oft used trick. And yes, I understand that that’s probably what the three main witches were doing, instead of standing on stilts.

American Horror Story: Coven will premiere on Wednesday, October 9, and you can bet your witches’ brew that I’ll be here to write about it. Below is an amusing meme someone posted commenting on the show’s recently released poster, taking the eroticism right out of it.


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