American Horror Story Season 4 Carnival Setting Revealed

American Horror Story Season 4 setting has been revealed, admittedly a bit unofficially. Writer Douglas Petrie confirmed that the setting for the fourth season of the creepy FX drama will take place at a carnival. That is apparently "very roughly" the idea. He did not elaborate on that, but given what little we know about the next season of the anthology series, it's a start! Let the clown nightmares ensue.

One of the exciting things about American Horror Story being an anthology series its that chatter about the creepy drama shifts to obsessive theorizing over the cast and plot after each season wraps up. What will Season 4 be about? The conversation came up during the Nerdist Writers Panel featuring Moira Kirland, Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett and Douglas Petrie, the latter of whom joined the American Horror Story writers team for Season 3. When he was asked about the plot of Season 4, a female panelist -- possibly Moira Kirland but that's unconfirmed -- said she heard the setting was going to be a carnival. Petrie fessed to it, saying "very roughly, that's the idea." He didn't get into specifics, only that it doesn't have a title yet. And "roughly, that's the idea" could imply that it's not only about carnivals, or that there's a time period involved in the premise, which was what we heard a couple of months ago.

Back in January, we learned that the series' fourth season was planned to be set in 1950 and that Jessica Lange was prepping a German accent for her next role in the drama. What what Petrie revealed in the podcast, they just started on Season 4 and he says it's going to be awesome.

A carnival or circus setting could certainly lend itself well to this series, especially if they're looking to go with a period piece, where it's not just about rides and fried food, but also different kinds of traveling folk and that sort of thing. There's definitely a creepy element that could be mined in that setting, and plenty of opportunity to develop different kinds of characters. We'll have to wait and see what other details emerge and what kind of title the fourth season gets.

While American Horror Story: Coven centered mainly on witches, there was also a minotaur featured at one point, and that's something that was used in the promotions for the series...

The series made nuns creepy for the American Horror Story: Asylum promos...

And let's not forget rubber man from the first season!

What will be the focus of the Season 4 teasers? I vote for creepy clowns, and am automatically terrified by the thought of it.

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