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Following the runaway success of Survivor, television networks spent the next decade or so mining reality television for as many viewers as possible, all while taking the genre in some new and bizarre directions. At this point, the fad has largely died down, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few weird and uncomfortable places left to go---like in the bedroom of various celebrities. Thanks to Watch What Happens Live’s Andy Cohen, who will produce the show, ordinary people will now get the chance to tell their celebrity one night stand sex stories to television viewers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is called, fittingly, I Slept With A Celebrity, and each episode will allow two random people to outline all of the applicable details like where they met the celebrity, how they interacted, what happened in the bedroom and how they were kicked to the curb. No network has officially gotten on board with the project yet, but given how well the gossip pages do, you would certainly think there would be an audience out there for it, which is why several are reportedly interested. NBC Universal will get first dibs per Andy Cohen’s overall deal, though it’s unclear at this point if they’re interested.

Beyond the whole trashy factor many people won’t be able to get past, the one big problem with I Slept With A Celebrity is how the producers will verify the person actually slept with the celebrity. If they’re only going to pick long-time mistresses and exes, that information would be easy to verify, but if they’re going to focus on one-night-stands, which sounds like the game plan, then they’re probably going to need lie detector tests. Then again, that’s not unheard of.

Yup. The lie detector test has been a staple of daytime talk shows for years now, and it wouldn’t be a shock to see I Slept With A Celebrity go there. In fact, it might be an interesting spin on the idea if they let two people tell stories about who they slept with during the runtime and gave each the test at the end of the opposite for the audience to see whether or not they were lying. Of course, there might be some liability to letting half the guests spread malicious lies for thirty minutes. That would need to be worked out with the lawyers.

We’ll let you know if I Slept With A Celebrity gets officially purchased by a network. Until then, feel free to start programming in dream guests.

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