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Another Arrow Crossover Is Coming To The Flash

It wasn’t that long ago that we last saw the citizens of Star City and Central City sharing space with one another for the heavily promoted crossover event between Arrow and The Flash. But it looks like there may be more connective tissues between the series on the way, as actor David Ramsey revealed the Scarlet Speedster may soon host John Diggle for an evening.

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It would have been possible that Ramsey was just making a random trip to the writers’ room to talk with a friend of his, or something else completely unrelated from him appearing on The Flash. But “can only mean one thing” obviously doesn’t mean that. Wait, or does it? I’m going to check Urban Dictionary to make sure “You just got Diggled” isn’t slang for being pranked.

For reals, though, it’s always a good time when Arrow characters make their way over to assist the S.T.A.R. Labs team in whatever minor disaster is happening. We have to wonder if Diggle is the only one making the trip for this future adventure, or if Oliver and Thea will also be tagging along. We’ll just go ahead and assume that Felicity will be too busy surviving those gunshots to get out and about.

Considering the last crossover episode helped to set up the upcoming spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, the stakes will presumably be a lot lower for this next team-up, with no Vandal Savage around to destroy everything. That said, Zoom has proven he’s a formidable opponent for Barry, and any help in stopping the big bad’s master plan will be accepted. I want to see Diggle using his helmet to headbutt the shit out of Zoom, although that would likely end in Diggle getting smashed to a pulp.

The second batch of Season 2 episodes will fill The Flash with other returning characters like Killer Frost and Reverse-Flash, with even Robbie Amell’s Ronnie Raymond coming back for a crazy twist. Diggle will certainly have his hands full no matter what happens, but if he’s wearing that Bruce Lee hat, he’ll come out the victor no matter what.

The Flash will return to The CW on Tuesday, January 19. To see when the rest of your favorite shows are premiering and returning, check out our midseason TV schedule.

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