Another Prison Break Cast Member Is Set To Return

Fox has had pretty good luck with revival series, bringing back both 24 via Live Another Day and The X-Files. Next on the list is the Prison Break revival, which will bring back a slew of famous characters from the show’s original run. This week, Amaury Nolasco confirmed that he will be back for the new episodes as well.

Nolasco took to Instagram to share his big news, noting that his character Fernando Sucre would be back for the new episodes. Here’s what he had to say:

t's Official !!! #Sucre is back with the gang ! Buckle up ! Looking forward to seeing my brothers again. #prisonbreak #blessed #lovemyjob #Sucre regresa con la ganga ! Prepárense ! Loco por ver a mis hermanos otra vez !

Unfortunately, the character’s short message doesn’t confirm much information about where his character will be when the revival series picks up. In fact, one of the few things we know about the Prison Break return is that it has been proclaimed to be a “sequel” of sorts and will rework the series in a way that makes sense to fans. Which means ignoring the TV movie Prison Break: The Final Break. Thus the revival is expected to pick up with Sara raising a baby. Soon, news will indicate that Michael is still alive, and she’ll team up with Lincoln to find him. Because of this, we know a few original characters will be involved, including Nolaso’s Sucre.


In addition to Amaury Nolasco, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are taking some time from the new series Legends of Tomorrow to pop up in Prison Break. We also recently learned that Colony actress Sara Wayne Callies will be back. So along with Fernando Sucre, Lincoln Burrows, Michael Scofield, and Sara Tancredi will all be returning characters. Casting reports indicate that Mark Feurestein, Steve Mouzakis, Augustus Prew and Marco Polo’s Rick Yune are also onboard to play new cast members.

Because a lot of the original cast members are involved with other projects across a multitude of networks--Amaury Nolasco, for instance, has had a regular gig on NBC's Telenovela--we’re a little surprised that Fox is going to be able to make this one happen. But in terms of revivals, Prison Break has a built-in fanbase who might be excited to tune in for the return of their favorite characters. No premiere date has been set yet for Prison Break, but expect the series to appear sometime during the 2016-2017 TV season. I’m wondering if the former X-Files timeslot might work out great when Gotham takes a break next winter. We’ll keep you posted regarding any schedule updates.

Jessica Rawden
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