Arrested Development Poster Brings The Bluths Out Of Storage

Arrested Development poster

The latest poster for Arrested Development brings the Bluths together inside a storage container, where they appear to have been perfectly preserved in the seven years between Season 3 and the anticipated fourth season, which debuts on Netflix in its entirety in just a few weeks.

"Now the story of a family that couldn't be contained," reads the tagline at the top. I'd like to finish that with, "And the Netflix subscribers and die-hard AD fanatics that had no choice but to watch every episode back to back." Something tells me some AD fans won't be able to stop themselves from watching all of the episodes in a row, while others might want to space them out and really savor the series' return.

The teaser poster for the series' return showed us a padlocked storage container. This one opens that container up and shows us the Bluths seated (or standing) together inside what looks like Lucille's penthouse. Not everyone looks happy. It looks like Gob has cards ready for some tricks illusions. Lucille has a drink and Buster has his hook and a very wide smile.

The latest news for the series is that John Krasinski will guest star in the fourth season, though details on who he'll play are slim. He joins a host of other guest stars set to appear in the show. Read all about the other guest stars and AD updates, photos and posters here. Arrested Development premieres on Netflix (opens in new tab) on May 26.

Kelly West
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