Arrested Development Season 4 Watch: Episode 12 - Senoritis

spoilers from Episode 12 - "Señoritis." Read no further if you haven't seen the episode yet!

For a comedy it’s interesting just how many characters in Arrested Development have been put behind bars. Thanks to multiple financial and treason charges, George Sr. is the first character to come to mind, but he’s hardly alone. Gob had himself put in prison as part of an illusion. Tobias incarcerated himself to learn how to become a better actor. Hell, even Barry Zuckerkorn (Henry Winkler) went in after hitting Tobias with his car.

But Season 4 of the show thus far has been locking up characters left and right. Not only have we seen Lucille brought up on charges for trying to steal the Queen Mary, Tobias also once again found himself in jail, this time after being caught on John Beard’s To Entrap a Local Predator, and Marky Bark (Chris Diamantopoulos) was arrested for trying to paint-bomb a Herbert Love (Terry Crews) campaign event. In “Señoritis,” the twelfth episode of the season, it’s finally Maeby’s turn to go into the clink.

Much like how the character is completely ignored by her parents, Tobias and Lindsay, Maeby has had to wait a long time to finally get her own episode, but this one has her front and center. And it shows that she hasn’t done too much growing up in the years since the Season 3 finale. It turns out that when we first saw her in the first episode of the season she was actually visiting George Michael’s dorm room as a high school student looking for a math tutor. Having lost her job at Imagine Entertainment, she decided to continue her never-ending quest for her parents’ attention by getting a fake I.D. (making her only 17) and re-enrolling for her senior year of high school.

Her situation is compromised, however, when she learns that Perfecto (Eli Vargas), a boy she has been getting close to, may be an older undercover cop who has been lying to her since they met. Because Perfecto thinks that she is only 17, Maeby sets up a revenge trap that will have the cop thinking that he committed statutory rape – but of course the plan blows up in her face in the worst way possible. Oh, and did I mention that it turns out she was literally pimping out her mother to Herbert Love?

“Señoritis” is a big episode not just because of its killer ending with Maeby getting arrested, but because it also helps fill in a lot of gaps in the season-long story. I’ve always felt that the look of Lindsay’s shaman in India was a bit off, and was delighted to figure out that it was Maeby in disguise trying to shame her mother. We also find out the clever reason behind the “Gangie 4: Facelift” check, which is for Maeby’s work on the third sequel in the massively successful franchise. But what was the episode’s biggest mindblower? The reveal that somehow George Michael and Lucille Austero (Liza Minnelli) have never actually met. As many times as I have rewatched the first three seasons of Arrested Development this never crossed occurred to me, and my jaw hit the floor when it was exposed.

Maeby is a character best utilized through her relationships with other characters, and in that sense “Señoritis” does its job extremely well, showcasing the eager-but-not-too-bright 23-year-old with her best pairings: her parents and George Michael. Structurally this episode feels similar to some of those earlier in the season, extolling a good amount of background, but the writing staff is clever enough to make it all fresh, funny and entertaining.

The Rest Of The Developments:

Tobias in a bed sheet dress returns!

As someone who professionally reports news about the film industry I found the Deadline joke to be hilarious, but did anyone else actually get that?

“This is like living in 1999.”

I love that Featherbottom is the family fake name (started by Tobias when he pretended to be housekeeper Mrs. Featherbottom and featured earlier this season when used by Lindsay to lie to Herbert Love).

I’m not ashamed to admit that I still have no idea what George Michael’s Fakeblock privacy software does.

Officer Carter (Jerry Minor) and Officer Taylor (Jay Johnston) are back again, and apparently were behind the deal that wound up getting Tobias arrested on John Beard’s show.

What exactly is Barry trying to do with that stepladder? The guy makes me nervous.

When Maeby and Barry are talking, look behind Maeby to find out the mascot of her school (hint: it’s very relevant to the rest of Season 4).

Having Maeby in the background of all these scenes in the Penthouse makes me highly anticipate re-watching the season once I’ve gone all the way through.

Passing on The Hunger Games is a pretty good way to lose your job in Hollywood. In terms of accuracy, they hit the nail on the head with that one.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm scene had me rolling on the floor. It’s a perfect reference.

On a roll with references: a perfect nod towards The Social Network (“I also think you should consider calling it THE Fakeblock. It’s cleaner.”) And a fun shout out to Netflix at the end!

Witness the birth of George Maharis!...and the horrible birth of a relationship that will likely eventually tear father and son apart.

The expletive-filled acceptance speech: a possible reference to previous speeches given by Gob and Nelly (Justine Bateman) at the Bluth Company?


It would appear that Jim Cramer has a sense of humor about himself. Also, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen him since that whole thing on The Daily Show.

Finally someone recognizes the horrific concoction that is the mixture of yellow mustard and Parmesan cheese.

“Do a something search on it” – what exactly happened with this whole Google deal?

Tipping a black guy spotted! And this time with stock options!

The George Michael/Lucille 2 thing is still messing with me. How is it possible they never met?!

The story of Steve Holt is probably the saddest on Arrested Development. And that’s a big statement when you consider how sad all of the other characters in this universe are. Here’s hoping he gets some redemption.

“Maybe it’s a TV show…”

Lindsay giving up money – big moment.

Did Maeby make a huge mistake? “Eh, no. I’m fine.”

The mystery of Lucille 2 continues! And Sally Sitwell (Christine Taylor) is looking rather guilty.

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