Arrested Development Season 4 Watch: Episode 7 - Colony Collapse

Netflix has released Season 4 of Arrested Development in its entirety, which means we'll be binge-watching the series' revival and sharing our reactions with you over the next couple of days. The recap below contains spoilers from Episode 7 - "Colony Collapse." Read no further if you haven't seen the episode yet!

"Gob was growing up."

Except not really. Years may have passed (and been particularly unkind to his often abandoned son Steve Holt!) but Gob Bluth is really no more mature than ever. He's still a hot mess magician running from any threat of responsibility, leading to one glorious huge mistake after another. Turns out his fling with beauty pageant third runner-up Egg, I mean Ann Veal, wasn't such a fling after all. Not only did Gob deflower Blank, he proposed to her and created an illegitimate (possibly not-so imaginary) brother for Steve…named Dave. But like the latest season of Arrested Development keeps doing, I'm getting ahead of myself.

"And welcome to And As Is It Such So Also As Such Is It Unto You."

"Colony Collapse" has Gob being embraced by potential new "families." First there's the Christian Veals, whose prompt embrace and unconditional acceptance of Gob into their family inspires him to feel deeply bleak. Cue The Sound of Silence! And so begins a new running joke! Ever the egomaniac/opportunist Gob looks to turn his "religiousy and epic" wedding to Plant into a spectacle (of the blasphemous variety) and of course an escape. While his getaway habit loses him Mouth, it gains him a bunch of Hollywood douchebags that includes Parks and Recreation's Jean Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) as weekend weatherman John Beard Jr, the screw-up son of the host of To Trap a Local Predator.

"P.S. I have Sifilus."

Gob's second attempt at forming a new family comes with this entourage opportunity, but he's about as good a bro dude to them as he is a brother to his actual siblings. Meaning his exploits nearly kill them while Gob falls into a Forget Me Now loop/contracts "sifilus," probably from Tobias' party girl. There's still sibling rivalry (Michael B Company vs. Gob's bee company) and magician rivalry brewing (the newly outed Tony Wonder vs the newly Christian "Feral Jesus" Gob). And we haven't discovered what Gob actually sabotaged or who sabotaged him with the little t (cross) necklace.

"Don't be stupid."

I must confess, I'm conflicted by the new format. Focusing on each character rather than a particular plot arc or theme means that some of my favorite characters (Buster, Lucille) are being largely sidelined or are totally absent from eps. However, at this point in the season, the separate character threads are beginning to knit together, and already I'm hungry to rewatch and spot the jokes and references that didn't land the first time. It really is like rediscovering the show in that some of the episodes don't strike me as all that funny, but then the next one makes me realize jokes from the first one that weren't yet set up. Just as it such also was and now it is unto this new season! Or something.

The Rest Of The Developments

"Way to plant, Ann."

"And for your fifth year in a row, your least favorite entertainers are magicians. But for second: talk show sidekicks." Tough times, Andy Richter.

"Now you've got some mice to scoop out of the sea."

Why does Buster have a blinged out hook?! He's a marvelous monster.

For real though, is Ann pregnant? And could Gob's sudden abandonment of his old son (Steve) and his would-be wife maybe going to throw them together where Steve Holt will raise his father's could-be baby? I mean, he did turn to God and Ann back in high school when his lack of a father made him feel down.

Did Steve Holt ever graduate high school? Or just age out?

There's something going on with addresses I haven't caught yet. They are recurringly pronounced in establishing shots and dialogue. Any theories? What does it mean that Steve Holt's pest control business is at 181 Manville?

Kids in the Hall's Bruce McCulloch plays co-host Father Marsala to Alan Tudyk's Pastor Veal on And As Is It Such So Also As Such Is It Unto You."

Michael turned down his second chance to be Gob's Best Man and magician's assistant.

"I don’t want these," continues its run.

Even God wonders "HER?" as a massive sign to the effect hangs over the altar.

Tobias is a Howdidodat.

Did you spot Maeby snatching an Opie?

Why is Lucille's trial being held in a seafood restaurant?

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Kristy Puchko

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