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Arrested Development might have struggled in the ratings but the series never lacked for guest stars and great ones at that. From Academy Award winners like Liza Minneli and Charlize Theron to fan favorites like Charles in Charge (Scott Baio) as Bob Loblaw and Apollo Creed as, well, himself, Carl Weathers. And it seems like the revival of AD on Netflix has got itself a stew going with this season's guests.

As previously reported, the comedy not only officially began production, with word that each and every one of those Bluths will be back, but also revealed the first few special appearances. Jason Bateman, the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together, has been busy tweeting updates from the early stages of production and yesterday's announcement of "First day. Away we go..." was accompanied by this behind the scenes photo of the Workaholics team on the set of Mitch Hurwtiz' resurrected comedy.

Based on the photo, it looks like the actors from the Comedy Central hit could be playing employees at an airport with Anders Holm and Adam Devine working the counter. With each episode of the new season supposedly set to focus on one Bluth, this sequence could involve Michael's return to Newport Beach.

If you're hoping Blake Anderson will be joining Workaholics co-stars Holm and Devine for the possible Arrested guest spot, rest easy and take a look at the photo, first shared by a gentleman named J.Dub and retweeted by Holm, that proves he's not only there but also dressed in the same get-up as Devine.

These guys really are Workaholics. Wow, that was a bad one. Arrested Development is returning to Netflix for Season 4 with 10 episodes dropping on the same, unannounced, day in 2013.