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The CW’s Arrow tried apocalyptic doom and gloom for its fourth season, with decidedly mixed results. Now it looks as though the Emerald Archer’s series will go back to basics for Season 5, and rather than utilizing on things like magic and mysticism, Arrow will once again focus on the plague of crime sweeping through the streets of Star City. However, Oliver Queen and Team Arrow won’t be alone in the fight to take down the wrongdoers of the crime-ridden metropolis, as a new vigilante will soon arrive to start kicking ass on the DC series.
That's right, a new and currently unknown vigilante will soon make his way to Star City, and although his actual name has not been released, TVLine described the quasi-hero as a “cocksure/reckless ex-Marine turned vigilante.” This new badass in town could possibly represent the season’s secondary threat, as a side offering to the overarching, "charismatic" big bad of Arrow Season 5. If this is true, then it will seemingly mirror the manner in which The Punisher kept Matt Murdock side-tracked from the looming threat of The Hand in Daredevil Season 2.
Although we know that a new vigilante will be coming to town in Season 5 of Arrow, it’s difficult to discern exactly who will show up. Based upon the description, it doesn’t sound like any member of the Bat Family (sorry to get your hopes up) or any other well-known members of the Justice League for that matter. Considering how fast and loose Arrow has played with DC lore over the last four years, the creative team could really do some unpredictable stuff with this character. Hell, it could even be a new version of John Diggle, based on how badly The Flash messed up the timelines.
Arrow showrunner Wendy Mericle would go on to emphasize the importance of City Hall in the coming season, and as such, it seems logical to assume that Oliver’s status as Mayor of Star City will factor heavily into the narrative of the next season. With Oliver now on the inside of the system, this new vigilante could potentially target him in the same way that Oliver targeted members of the 1% during Arrow’s first season.

It looks like quite a few vigilantes will head to Star City during Arrow’s fifth season. In addition to Green Arrow and this new mystery man, we also know that Colton Haynes will return as Roy Harper for a few episodes, and we can likely assume that new series regular Echo Kellum, a.k.a Curtis Holt, will finally become Mr. Terrific once the season gets up and running.
We will keep you up to date regarding all of The CW’s Arrow-verse series as more information becomes available to us. Arrow will return for its fifth season this coming fall.
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