The Punisher Is Getting A Daredevil Spinoff, Here's The Latest

Netflix is a Marvel adaptation machine. After the wild success of Daredevil, Netflix revealed their intention to produce four separate shows set in the MCU, before forming The Defenders. Well, it turns out that Netflix is adding a fifth series to the Marvel lineup, and it seems pretty epic.

TV Line is reporting that Netflix will be developing a spinoff series for The Punisher. The appearance of Punisher is one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the upcoming second season of Daredevil. The little footage we’ve seen from Season 2 more than hints at an antagonistic relationship between Punisher and Matt Murdock, promising a bloody sophomoric venture for the Netflix series. And now, comic book fans everywhere can rejoice in the fact that we will be seeing more of Punisher moving forward.

Punisher is one of the more controversial heroes in the Marvel comics universe. While superheroes as a whole abhor murder, the Punisher does not. He's a vigilante who goes to violent measures to successfully save the day; he uses an arsenal of lethal firearms and has been known to kill, kidnap, and extort to complete his missions. He’s not your grandpa’s superhero.

News that The Punisher would be appearing in Season 2 of Daredevil resulted in the universal applause from comic fans. Frank Castle is a general badass, and his confrontations with villains and heroes alike result in page turning bits of comic action. In fact, Punisher’s upcoming inclusion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems like a stroke of genius for a few reasons.

First off, the tone of Netflix’s Marvel shows is overall super dark. We’ve seen extreme acts of violence in Daredevil’s debut season as a crime fighter, as well as Jessica Jones’ struggle with PTSD and the sexual assault in her past. And she’s a total alcoholic.

Daredevil essentially beats the living crap out of his adversaries, and is also very roughed up in the process. He had a few near death experiences, and would have surely been a goner if it weren’t for Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple. Because Punisher uses serious acts of violence, including murder, it seems he’ll easily fit into the New York City that Netflix has formed. His story will be dark, just like his predecessors before him.

The announcement that Punisher would be played by The Walking Dead actor Jon Bernthal made fans even more excited to see the vigilante lock and load. Bernthal’s tenure in TWD as Shane is rather reminiscent of Frank Castle. They’re both extreme in their approaches to what they think is right, and have been shown to lie, deceive, and shoot any problem that gets in their way. Shane’s absence since Season 2 of Walking Dead has definitely been felt, so it’s a perfect time for Bernthal to return to the small screen for another comic book adaptation.

The Punisher’s debut in the MCU will take place when Daredevil’s second season is released on March 18th, 2016. We’ll keep you updated as more information regarding Punisher’s spinoff is made public. Check out the teaser for Season 2 of Daredevil below.

Corey Chichizola
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