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Arrow's Jessica de Gouw Signs On For Dracula

NBC’s Dracula was chosen by the network to go to series last summer, with the joint project with Sky Living being picked up for 10 episodes. The series may have been official all the way back in July, but only now do the details seem to be really getting finessed. On Thursday, NBC announced Jessica de Gouw has signed on for the female lead role in Dracula.

When the series was initially announced, fans of Bram Stoker’s famous novel may have been a little surprised to learn that Dracula will be a loose interpretation of the novel, following a young American vampire who is rolling with the name Alan Grayson, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who travels to London in the 1890s to bring modern science to the city. Instead, he finds himself falling in love with a woman.

According to Deadline, that woman will be de Gouw. Her character, Mina Murray, will be a dead ringer for Dracula’s past wife. While Murray is engaged, she will find herself strangely compelled to spend time with Grayson.

Fairly new to acting, de Gouw did some work in Australia, before signing on to play The Huntress in the CW’s Arrow. She apparently made an impression in the freshman series, thus leading to her casting in NBC’s period drama, which is a pretty big deal. TV Blend will keep you posted when Dracula gets an official premiere date.

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