After his trip to “Nanda Parbat,” Arrow took a few weeks off before turning down “The Offer” to become the next Ra’s al Ghul. I’m sure that refusal won’t have any repercussions. Now, the CW superhero series needs to kill some time as the consequences of Oliver’s choice escalate towards an inevitable second showdown with the Demon’s Head and there’s no better way to kill time than with the “Suicide Squad.” The last time Task Force X was on a mission, the episode was full of easter eggs and “Suicidal Tendencies” is similarly chock full of DCU connections...

Suicide Mission
The episode opened at the Diggle and Harbinger, sorry, Michaels wedding and I’d feel sorry for anyone who decided to crash that party. The guests were a veritable who’s who of masks, including the officiant. But more on them later, this section is about the Bride and Groom and the Suicide Squad mission that interrupts their honeymoon. There’s a hostage situation in Kaznia involving U.S. Senator Joseph Cray and A.R.G.U.S. wants Task Force X to go in and rescue him.

Too bad Mockingbird (aka Agent Waller) doesn’t know that Cray is actually behind the whole thing in an attempt to look heroic and gain political points when he ‘saves’ the day. The squad is also considerably smaller this time around without Bronze Tiger or Shrapnel but the series wisely brought back Cupid as a new recruit. She was great in ”Draw Back Your Bow,” which might still be my favorite episode of the third season. And it wouldn’t be Task Force X without Deadshot. The mercenary was even given this week’s flashbacks, which included another mention of H.I.V.E., before he perished in the present storyline. Of course, he won’t be remembered as a hero since the government used Bethany Snow and Channel 52 to lie to the people.

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