After plenty of speculation on its future, ABC has decided to continue with its long running Bachelor and Bachelorette series, much to the delight of select members of the female population. First up will be another round of The Bachelorette which will premiere on May 23rd, to be followed by an installment of The Bachelor sometime in 2012. Who knew the dating show would turn into such an established brand when it premiered nearly ten years ago?

According to Entertainment Weekly, spinoff The Bachelor Pad has also been renewed, meaning the franchise’s most hardened fans will get their fix eight months out of the year. You can tune in to Jimmy Kimmell Live! tonight for more information on all of this including the first reveal of the b\Bachelorette herself.

I’ll be honest: I tuned into this mess more than a few times during its early seasons, but like The Biggest Loser, the concept just ran dry with me at some point. Apparently, I’m in the minority. Enjoy the news, fans, and keep tuning in. If the ratings can stay over ten million an episode, as they are now, I suspect this won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

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