Being Human Recap: I Want You Back... From The Dead

One thing that makes Josh and Aidan so interesting as characters is that on one hand, they know they’re monsters and a danger to people, but on the other hand, they still can’t seem to keep from reaching out and forming connections. I suppose that’s part of what makes Being Human so interesting. If they were to keep to themselves completely, we wouldn’t have stories like the ones we saw play out tonight.

“Dracula had it easy. He drank. He killed. End of story. He wasn’t interested in being friends.”

For a few second, I really thought Rebecca was getting it together. In a way, she sort of was. After Aidan’s new sort-of friend Bernie was hit by a car and lay dying in the hospital, Aidan went to whatever that vampire-headquarters place is and had his fill of some of the random hot girls that were hanging around waiting to be bitten. Aidan’s emotional distress caused him to go overboard and he probably would’ve killed the girl he was feeding from if not for Rebecca stopping him. The tables temporarily turned as it was Rebecca who got him to come to his senses. Then she went and did something stupid.

Rebecca turned Bernie and thought that she, Aidan and the kid could be their own little vampire family. Apparently, kid vampires are a bit unstable and when the two kids that were picking on Bernie just before he was hit by the car turned up dead (bitten in the neck), Aidan naturally assumed it was newly-vamped Bernie who did it. It wasn’t until after Aidan quietly staked Bernie, believing there was no safe way to keep him around, that we learned that Bishop had Marcus attack the kids to trick Aidan.

Bishop’s doing a fine job of boxing Aidan in. He seems to know exactly when to let him go and when to make him feel helpless and hopeless. Tonight’s episode was a prime example of that.

On a side note, Josh is beginning to see the extent of Aidan’s involvement in all of the bad things that have happened, including the other nurse (Kara?) that died, Rebecca being turned and the fact that Aidan’s been keeping major things from him. I’d say this is pretty important. We know that Aidan’s sort of stumbling into a lot of these problems, but keeping secrets from Josh and Sally doesn’t help.

“Is it totally crazy-town to pursue a relationship with someone when you’re both dead?”

I sort of love that Sally’s a hopeless romantic. Well, no. I love that she’s a romantic. It’s the hopeless part she could stand to do without.

Sally found a message on the wall at the hospital from a guy named Nick. She knew him from college and she had a huge crush on him back when he was a teacher’s assistant but she was too shy to do anything about it at the time. As it turns out, Nick had a thing for her too but things just never happened for the two of them. Maybe if they had gotten together, Nick wouldn’t have ended up drowning and Sally never would’ve ended up with Danny. Who knows?

The interesting thing about Sally getting swept up in a new romance with ghost-Nick wasn’t just the “sex cloud” that erupted whenever they kissed, but coming to understand one of Sally’s biggest issues. We learned tonight that not only did she let go of a lot of her dreams when she decided to be with Danny, but that she has a tendency to lose herself in a relationship. So, while Nick relives his death daily as a way to remember what it felt like to be alive, Sally may be creating her own “echo” by trying to use a relationship to avoid other issues.

Nick seems to be a life (or death) learning experience for Sally but it’s nice to see her actually sort of happy for a while and the fact that she knew Nick when she was alive gives the relationship a bit of history. We’ll have to see where it goes.

“I just want to dial it back a little bit, just so we don’t ramp up and get too intense. I hope you understand.”

Well, Josh found plenty of idioms to throw at Nora in lieu of slamming his paw down on the panic button. His fear that things were going to fast stemmed from a nightmare he had about turning into a wolf while with Nora. So, in all fairness, he wasn’t just trying to run from commitment. We know he left his family and fiancé behind because he was afraid he would hurt them, so it seems only logical that he might develop the same fears for Nora, the more he cares about her.

Josh put some distance between himself and Nora until he saw her flirting with a cute doctor. Finally, he admitted that he has a deep-dark secret, which prompted Nora to show Josh the scars all over her stomach. Apparently, she was abused by someone.

Nora’s scars are a reminder that there are other kinds of monsters out there. I’m curious to see how their relationship develops going forward and how her history of abuse will factor in as they grow closer.

And finally, the song of the night: Mad World. The song was all over this episode and fittingly so as we saw each of the character’s situations and perspectives turned upside down over the course of the episode. What worked so well about tonight’s episode was that, while it didn’t really resolve any of their issues, it felt like Josh, Aidan and Sally each took a step forward. Aidan cleaned up a mess he was indirectly responsible for, Josh has begun to face his fears, and Sally is starting to see that she held herself back as much as she allowed Danny to hold her back. Where they go from here, we’ll have to see…

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