The Best Walking Dead Zombie Kill, According To Michonne

All of The Walking Dead survivors who have lasted for more than a season or two are bound to have some unforgettable Walker kills to their names. One character who has a history of scoring some of the most epic zombie kills of the series is none other than the katana-wielding Michonne. Actress Danai Gurira happens to have a favorite of Michonne’s takedowns.

I did love something that happened in Episode 12 of Season 3, where there was a walker right behind me and I had to just stab him without looking and pull his brains out through the top of his head. That was fun.

Considering how many zombie kills Michonne has racked up since her introduction in Season 3, Gurira’s reveal to EW that her best came early-ish on is a reminder that Michonne has never been anything except a zombie-killing machine. Honestly, looking back, Rick wanting to kick Michonne out of the group is one of his dumbest moves ever.

The zombie kill that Danai Gurira counts as her best came in one of the more unusual episodes of the show to that point. Episode 12 of Season 3 – entitled “Clear” – featured only three regular cast members and guest star Lennie James as Morgan on a trip to the Grimes’ hometown on a raid for weapons. Rick spent most of the hour chatting with Morgan, but Michonne and Carl went on a mission that led to Michonne yanking the brains out of a zombie with her katana. They snuck into a zombie-filled diner so Carl could snag a souvenir; when the plan immediately went south, Michonne had to clear a path through the undead army, and it was awesome.

Michonne in 3x12

Frankly, the only less-than-awesome thing about Michonne’s kill is that Danai Gurira was so fast in stabbing the zombie through the head with her katana that it’s almost difficult to catch without rewinding a few times. Given that the entire sequence is filled with some pretty great action, however, rewinding isn’t exactly a bummer of an experience.

Looking back, “Clear” was a big episode for Michonne even without the swordplay. It was the first installment of The Walking Dead that featured Michonne really bonding with either of the Grimes boys. Carl vouching for Michonne after their side mission was an early indication of the family dynamic that would develop. How many of us could have guessed what could come of the mission that had seemed most significant for Michonne’s Walker skewering?

Danai Gurira isn’t the only actor or actress who has chimed in with a favorite Walker kill, but she definitely deserves to be commended. Michonne has killed so many Walkers over the years that it’s a wonder that Gurira can keep any of them straight.

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