The Most Memorable Walking Dead Zombie Kill, According To Lauren Cohan

Any character that has survived more than a few seasons on The Walking Dead is bound to have some epic zombie kills to their name. Maggie Greene is one of the survivors who has been around the longest, having debuted in Season 2, so she has plenty of zombie blood on her hands. According to actress Lauren Cohan, there’s one particular kill that has stuck in her memory.

It’s so funny. I don’t even know if it’s my favorite, but the one that always sticks in my mind is from Season 3, and I think that’s just because it’s from a time when Maggie went through the biggest change. And they storm into the prison and she gets up under Riot Gear Walker, and there’s just, like, green goo. I think that’s still probably to date my most hands-on disgusting kill.

Creativity counts for a lot in the zombie apocalypse, so Lauren Cohan telling Entertainment Weekly that her most memorable zombie kill was her Season 3 Riot Gear Walker kill makes a lot of sense for even more reasons than just green goo. The storming of the prison that unleashed a horde of Walkers clad in riot gear had even Rick and Daryl baffled on how to kill them, and it wasn’t until Maggie yanked one of their masks up and stabbed it through the chin that they figured out how to survive the latest terror.

Maggie kills Riot Gear Walker

It remains one of the most epic zombie kills to date, and it really marked the moment viewers realized that Season 3 Maggie was not the same Maggie who had a nervous breakdown at the end of Season 2. She more than kept up with the rest as they took the prison, and she did it in a tank top without getting herself scratched or bitten. Way to go, Maggie!

The scene might not have been as much fun if Maggie hadn’t been just as impressed with her move as viewers were. Her big grin and “See that?!” as she showed Glenn and T-Dog how to take down the Riot Gear Walkers were as endearing as anything can be in the zombie apocalypse.

Lauren Cohan had plenty of candidates to choose from when it comes to memorable Maggie zombie kills. Maggie was practically a zombie-killing machine after the fall of the prison in Season 4, and even pregnancy hasn’t stopped her from being as badass as ever. The gooey grossness of the Riot Gear Walker must have made quite an impact on Cohan for it to take the top spot of memorable zombie kills.

Maggie is currently in a tight spot on The Walking Dead, and Lauren Cohan’s future on the show is uncertain at this point. Season 6 is likely to end with a good guy dying at the hands of Negan, and Maggie being captured increased her odds of being bludgeoned off to that great suburban safe zone in the sky. To see if Maggie survives Season 6 and Cohan gets any more epic zombie kills under her belt, tune into The Walking Dead on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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