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AMC’s Breaking Bad is bound to stand as one of the best television shows ever created for a very, very long time. And while there’s no comparison to the classic, Vince Gilligan’s spinoff series, Better Call Saul takes a look into the a world explored in the hit series. Seemingly scumbag lawyer, Saul Goodman may not have always been the professional he claims to be when we first met him in Breaking Bad. This new extended trailer a dramatic look into Saul’s life before he met Walter White, and full of new footage we haven’t seen before. Take a look:
The series goes back in time, about six years before Saul Goodman’s appearance on Breaking Bad, and we see from the AMC trailer that he is leading quite a different life. Yes, it is still jam-packed with low-life dealings, and a smart-mouthing Saul getting into tiffs, but we also see a new side of him, and the past that led to the man we thought we knew. The trailer bounces around though, and I can’t quite tell what this younger Saul’s motives are quite yet. He does seem very concerned with money, and upset at the “shitty court” he works at. In true Saul fashion he states, “money is not beside the point, money is the point.” But he also seems to want to do some sort of good. In one of the beginning scenes he tells a young couple:
“I don’t go looking for guilty people to represent… I mean who needs that aggravation… Right?”

But along with that conversation, there are glimpses into Saul’s dealings, with some of the classic looking criminals, big and tattooed, or scrawny and dirty without a suit. Saul is still getting into trouble, whether it be with the law or pissing off some customers, but the trailer also focuses on Saul trying to right a wrong situation by helping an older gentleman stand up against people taking advantage of him. Is this a Saul doing good? Or is it merely another money making scheme? We’ll find out in the series, but overall this trailer takes a much more dramatic look at the attorney, very similar to the dramatic features used for exploring the depths of characters in Breaking Bad.

I’m still not 100% sure about the series. There’s no way it can live up to its predecessor, but from this extended trailer we can see that it definitely follows Vince Gilligan's style of writing, and I am excited to see more of his great work. The series will air on AMC with a special two-night series premiere on Sunday February 8th and Monday February 9th at 10/9c.