The Bible Miniseries Will Hit Blu-ray In April

History Channel’s The Bible still has four episodes to air over the next two weeks, so if you haven’t caught the TV miniseries, you still have a chance. If you are already a fan of the miniseries, which History is dubbing “the greatest story ever told,” you’ll be able to purchase the series much sooner than you might guess. The Bible will hit Blu-ray, DVD, and digital HD on April 2.

The Bible box art

When news that famed producer Mark Burnett was putting together a miniseries called The Bible (based on the religious text of the same name) first broke, I wasn’t sure how well the series would do on The History Channel. As it turns out, I shouldn’t have been concerned. The Bible has crushed in the ratings and has even spawned its own mini- controversy (honestly, nothing spells success like a mini-controversy).

The lengthy and epic miniseries begins with tales harking from Genesis and runs through stories found in the book of Revelation, and the Blu-ray and DVD sets will look even more in-depth at the production of the series, as well as the cast, crew, and even the music from the hit miniseries. Both the Blu-ray and DVD copies of the series will run a little steep, with the list price for Blu-rays running at $69.99 and DVDs running at $59.98. Luckily, if you are in the mood to pre-order the April release, you can get a pretty good deal over at Amazon (opens in new tab) for either set. You can check out the full list of bonus features, below.

The Bible Blu-ray and DVD Extras

  • Genesis” – With Mark Burnett and Roma Downey as our guides, we discover how the team approached the daunting task of filming the stories of the Bible
  • ”The Cast of The Bible” – Highlighting the international cast, we join Mark and Roma on their search for the perfect actors to bring the characters from the Bible to life
  • ”Creation I: The Vision, The Look” – Discover the vision of producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett in this behind-the-scenes look at how The Bible was created including the incredible team, beautiful location, high-quality production and superb costume design
  • ”Creation II: Production Stories” – An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the challenges faced by the production - including the supernatural experiences with snakes on set – plus Diogo’s approach to portraying who he has called the most complex figure in human history
  • ”Creation III: Crucified & Resurrected” – A deeper look into the emotional filming of the crucifixion, resurrection and the last days in Morocco
  • ”Scoring The Bible” – A rare look into the recording session for the soundtrack of The Bible with genius composer Hans Zimmer and award-winning soloist Lisa Gerrard
  • ”Believing in Miracles “– The cast and crew relive the magical moments that happened while filming in the deserts of Morocco
  • The Bible: Visual Effects” – A montage of the striking visual effects that make The Bible
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