The Bible Causes Stir After Satan Actor Resembles President Obama

Does History Channel’s Satan look familiar? It seems a whole lot of people think he does, and even as last night’s episode aired, Twitter and Facebook exploded with accusations that The Bible had actually chosen an actor on purpose who resembles none other than President Barack Obama to play the miniseries’ Satan.

According to EW, the History Channel denies that there was anything intentional in the casting, calling the accusations “utter nonsense.” Satan appeared for the first time in last night’s episode of History’s highly rated mini-series chronicling the Bible’s greatest stories. The actor playing Satan is Mehdi Ouazanni, a Moroccan who has appeared in numerous other Bible-themed productions in the past, including ABC’s The Ten Commandments miniseries a few years back.

Glenn Beck was among those who hit Twitter last night, saying what a lot of people were thinking.

“Anyone else think the Devil in #TheBible Sunday on HIstory Channel looks exactly like That Guy?”

Today Beck asked the media to “relax” via Twitter, saying the whole controversy is “funny, nothing more.” Coming from a conservative former Fox News TV personality, it’s hard to believe he didn’t mean for a firestorm to be set off by his comments.

History started developing The Bible back in 2011, and the project has been a huge undertaking with “an international and diverse cast of respected actors,” according to the network’s statement on the controversy. It seems highly unlikely that the network intended the actor cast as Satan to look like Obama, but it’s no surprise a lot of people saw a resemblance.

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