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Of the three people evicted from the Big Brother house so far this season, is there anyone among them that Rachel hasn’t accused of trying to get between her and her man? Seriously, is it really all about that for her or are the producers just using old diary room footage in these goodbye messages?

Tonight we got to see the mess that was this week play out fairly predictably. Andrew’s proven to be somewhat of a loose canon when it comes to his emotions, which might have saved him if the Brigade alliance had followed through with their plan to keep the bigger target in the house. When we saw the guys huddled in the HoH room discussing Andrews blow-up with Kristin, I really thought we were seeing some decent strategy taking place from the only stable alliance in the house. Apparently some waffling took place as the votes were unanimous to evict Andrew in the end.

Before we get to the eviction, let’s talk about the filler. First, I love when they call Matt the “self proclaimed genius,” as though CBS wants to make it clear that the title is all Matt’s and they don’t want to affiliate themselves with it. We got to see his wife tonight as she talked about her feelings on her husband lying about her having a rare disease in an effort to get sympathy. She seemed awkward and a little embarrassed about the lie but wasn’t above playing along with it when she sent him the Head of Household letter, which included some vague updates on her status.

Speaking of sympathy, Kathy wasn’t above using her own medical issues and financial woes to garner some support among her peers. Given that she’s a cancer survivor and was a teen-mother, its understandable that she might want to use her misfortunes to her advantage. Still, it’s her true story and Matt’s lie that remind me why I’d never be good at a game like this. You would never know what to believe or how much it should impact the way you play the game.

Andrew stole the show tonight during his pre-vote speech when he outed Kristen and Hayden and their secret showmance, along with some other things he knew, most of which had to do with Kristen in some way or another. He claimed that he hoped this information might sway the houseguests into voting his way but it seems like a rare thing when any houseguest changes their mind during the live episode. He might have done better to leverage this information into votes a bit sooner. It seemed mostly personal for him tonight, especially after we saw the footage of the argument he had with Kristen.

I wished Andrew would have had the votes to stay as I can only imagine how things would be on the live feeds tonight. All the same, judging by the state in which Andrew left the house and the fact that Rachel is the new head of household, I’m thinking tonight’s feeds will be explosive even without Andrew around to defend his comments. Interestingly enough, what Andrew didn’t mention (because he didn’t know) was that Hayden’s in two secret alliances. His showmance with Kristen aside, Hayden still has the Brigade and as far as we’ve been shown, they don’t know anything about his thing with Kristen. So it should be interesting to see how they react to Hayden/Kristen thing and whether Hayden can either smooth it over by claiming it’s just a fling, or else, lie completely and hope they won’t believe Andrew’s story.

Tonight’s Head of Household competition was a knock-out round where the houseguests were paired up and made to answer a question. The winner of the round picked the next two people to face off, while the loser was eliminated. Rachel won the HoH but not without receiving a friendly reprimand from Julie over her potty-mouth.

The episode ended with the houseguests resuming their argument over the things Andrew said during his speech. Yay, awkwardness! Anyone predicting that Hayden and Kristen will be nominated this week? Or will this whole thing blow over as the houseguests decide to declare Andrew a liar and forget everything he said?

And finally, we learned that Pandora's Box is returning and that viewers will get to vote to decide which of the remaining houseguests will receive an offer to be the next Saboteur. My vote goes to Britney!

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