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Once upon a time, seasons and seasons of Big Brother ago, a certain houseguest won the Power of Veto and didn’t use it to save himself. He was sent packing and the blunder went down in Big Brother history as one of the worst decisions ever made in the game. Tonight, Marcellas’ bad choice may have been topped.

Looking back at this week, I'm wondering what Kalia managed to accomplish. She made a bold move putting Jeff and Rachel up, then teetered when Jeff got in her face about it and thought she might be able to backtrack instead of plowing forward and pushing to get a power-player out. Now where is she? One friend short and very vulnerable this week, with just one ally and no shot at being HoH.

The houseguests were told that this week’s evicted houseguest may have a chance to return to the game. I don’t know why all or most of them assumed that this week’s eviction would be like a revolving door. Honestly, has it ever been that easy? The only players to return to the game as far as I can remember are the ones who’ve been voted back in by America. So, you would think that they would consider that there might be a twist involved in this twist. Otherwise, why would Julie have revealed it to them? Lawon not only assumed if he was evicted, he’d get to come back, but he was convinced that there was a 99% chance that he was coming back in the house with super powers. Super powers.

So, Lawon volunteered to be put on the block, denied the volunteer part a bit too much to the other houseguests, and (unless the feeds told a different story), fully endorsed his own eviction. He was sent packing unanimously, leaving Rachel safe and sound for another week.

To make matters worse… Seriously, America? I actually don’t have any issues with Brendon on his own, but I’m over the Brendon/Rachel drama. I have zero interest in watching more of their arguments, pout-sessions, make-out sessions or whatever else we have to look forward to now that he’s back in the house. As the twist was explained to us, Lawon, being the evicted houseguest, was set to face off with Brendon, whom America voted to have another shot at the game. The contest being mostly physical (aside from keeping the names/colors of the balls straight) was set in Brendon’s favor. Heck, even if it was a mental competition, I’m thinking Brendon would’ve had it won. We haven’t really seen Lawon perform well in competitions and factor in his nervousness and surprise at having to fight for a shot to stay in the house, it was no contest. Brendon was way ahead of Lawon the entire time and won the thing with just under a minute to spare.

Perhaps America assumed that the houseguests were going to evict Rachel, and that she and Brendon would end up facing off tonight. I’ll admit, that would’ve been an interesting development. Or maybe the voters simply prefer Brendon and Rachel drama over giving one of the early-evicted newbies a chance to redeem themselves. Either way, looking at the Big Brother house now, it’s as though we’ve been sucked into an alternate universe where Adam’s beard and Lawon don’t exist and Brendon was never evicted. If Brendon and Rachel back together brings more tension to the house, great. Things are always better when they’re less predictable. It’s the soap opera angle that I’ve had enough of.

On a random aside, Matt and Ragan from last season were shown in a segment commenting on Brendon and Rachel’s game-play. In an interesting development, despite all of their fighting in the BB house, Ragan and Rachel became close friends after last season and he’s set to play a role in her wedding. Points to Ragan for introducing the term “crybernating” into the Big Brother dictionary.

There was no time for a Head of Household competition, nor did we get to see Lawon attempt to get through his post-eviction interview, which is a shame. I’d love to hear what he has to say after carelessly tossing his shot at a half a million dollars aside in the hopes of earning fabled Big Brother super powers.

I'm predicting Jeff, Jordan, Brendon or Rachel get HoH and that Daniele and Kalia end up on the block this week.