Big Brother 14 Live Feed Spoilers: Britney Lashes Out, Ian Touches A Nerve

Tuesday in the Big Brother house wasn't nearly as eventful as Sunday night or Monday, but for those looking for an update on how things are going as we head toward tomorrow night's eviction, here's our spoiler-filled live feed update!

The following is based on my observations of the live feeds for Big Brother 14 on Tuesday at 8/29 and contains spoilers not yet revealed on Big Brother including the outcome of the Veto competition and ceremony!

Just to recap, as we reported yesterday, Jenn won the Veto (and Ian has his "Veto ball"). Dan "won" 24 hours of solitary confinement in the veto competition, and used that time to come up with a plan to get himself off the block, which he did, convincing Frank, Danielle and Jenn to get in on a plan to take Dan down and nominate Britney in his place. The Veto was used, Dan came off the block, and Britney was nominated. Britney reacted to this by blaming Dan almost entirely, throughout Monday.

Yesterday (Tuesday), Britney was still upset over her nomination, but she seemed to notice that Frank didn't like it whenever she mentioned Dan playing him (in getting Frank to put her up).

After that, Britney began focusing her frustration on Frank and how foolish he was to let Dan get him to change up his plan. This included joking about how Frank gave up two HoH competitions (he can't play in the next two comps) during the Veto competition only to end up encouraging Jenn to use her Veto to change his nominations. When put that way, she has a point! (As a Dan fan, I'm not complaining).

Britney spent a little bit of time yesterday throwing things around the kitchen and beating up the big teddybear. I wouldn't describe either as a temper tantrum, as she wasn't enraged when she did these things. It mostly seemed like she was just messing around. Still, there was definitely some aggression there. Britney was also waiting to be told whether or not she was going home and finally got that confirmation from Ian, though Shane still seems like he's not 100% decided.

Right now, it looks like Britney's going, but I still think there's a chance of the tide turning. The problem is that, while Britney likely wants to stay, she hasn't actively campaigned for it. That might be a strategy (trying to see if she can get the votes without actively pushing for them) or maybe she just doesn't have it in her to take votes away from Danielle. Something tells me she'd feel differently if she knew Danielle was in on the plan to get Jenn to use the Veto to pull Dan off the block. Danielle has continued to play it up like she's sad and didn't know this was coming. Danielle's also dealing with some kind of allergic reaction, so she's had that to focus on and use as a subject-changer.

The target of who to get out of the house next seems to shift from Dan to Ian to Frank, depending on who's in on the conversation. Some (Joe, Frank and Shane - at least, when they're together) seem to think Ian needs to go next because they're concerned that the competitions will start to be skewed toward Ian in the future (less physical, more mental). In a conversation between Joe, Frank and Shane, they disregarded Dan as a contender for the competitions, which means they probably don't realize his strategy in Season 10 was to throw comps through most of the season and win a run of them near the end, plowing his way to the finish. So this is good news for Dan, assuming he can come through with the wins he needs this time around.

Jenn got angry with Ian last night after Ian made a passing comment about 9/11. He had a few beers in him at the time, and was talking about how long he's wanted to play Big Brother, mentioning, "I've wanted to play this game since 2001. I've wanted to play this game since I had recess after school. I've wanted to play this game since before a plane flew into a tower. I've wanted to play this game since before I grew a pube…" Frank calmly called him out immediately for making comments like that, but for Jenn, the damage was done and she went outside.

Ian tried to explain to the rest of them that he was just referencing something that happened when he was a kid, calling it "a historical reference," but he definitely hit a nerve. I don't think he meant anything by it, but he probably would've been better off using another "historical reference" to emphasize the timeline, especially in the presence of someone who was in New York during the terrorist attack. Lesson learned.

Tonight's episode will show us the Veto competition and the ceremony, and hopefully we'll get some interesting insights from the diary rooms. It's been an exciting week in the Big Brother house, and tomorrow night, either Danielle or Britney will go home!

Will Britney come up with a way to turn this situation around for herself? It's not looking good. Personally, for the sake of drama, I'd love for her to find or figure out that Danielle knew what was happening. But the subject came up briefly yesterday and when Danielle assured Britney that she had no idea, Britney didn't press the matter, so maybe not…

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