It was an interesting night in the Big Brother house, starting with the live Veto ceremony and the shocking eviction. Those of us who have been watching the feeds had an idea of what might be about to transpire leading into last night's episode, but even with the knowledge of Dan's next scheme, watching it play out was priceless. I can understand why people might not appreciate Dan's sneaky tactics on a personal level, but on a strategic level, Dan Gheesling knows how to play Big Brother to win. Whether or not he actually accomplishes that (again) will be determined within the next week.

But this report isn't all about Dan. There are two other people left in the house with him! We have the updates from the live feeds since last night's episode. These spoilers include the winner of the first part of the Head of Household competition! Read on at your own risk!

When the feeds came back on last night, the houseguests were in the middle of Part 1 of the final Head of Household competition. As you can see in the photo above, they were dangling on hooks. When they were talking about it later, Ian said something about not appreciating how the competition was titled: "Hook, line and sinker." A fitting title following Shane's eviction, that's for sure! And the irony wasn't lost on Ian, who's showing some signs of being less than grateful about Dan's approach - but more on that in a bit.

The competition had the houseguests being rained on and slammed against a cushioned wall, which we've seen before in endurance competitions from past seasons, but they were also dunked in a river and submerged in water up to their necks (possibly even over their heads. It was hard to tell…

This part of the competition proved to be an issue for Ian. I think what might have been happening is, when the houseguests were dunked, they floated a bit, which may have been shifting their position on the seats they were sitting on. So when the hook pulled them back up, they had to make sure they were positioned right so they wouldn't slip off. I don't know for sure but from the way Ian was struggling during a couple of the dunks and how he fell off, I think that might have been his undoing here. His slender frame seemed to help him in the last endurance comp, but it might have had the opposite effect in this one. Or he threw it. That's also a possibility. Hard to know for sure.

He fell and Dan and Danielle were still up for a while. There wasn't a huge amount of tension, but it did seem like Danielle was still upset about the situation. Since the feeds were down for a while after the episode aired, it's hard to know how much time Dan had to talk to her about everything.

Dan eventually asked Ian for some privacy. Ian went inside and Dan and Danielle talked about her throwing the competition so Dan could win. Danielle went on for a bit about him throwing curveballs at her and threatened to castrate him (again) if he screws her over. Dan's mic wasn't working for a lot of this, so I couldn't hear what he said, but he was doing a lot of talking. And I did hear him say something like that he'd be able to say he coached someone to victory (sounds like he's really pushing the idea that he thinks in this as a coach and that Danielle winning is the victory he's looking for - which contrasts his diary room comments about winning his money for his family. He's in this for himself, but whatever he can do to manipulate Danielle…). Danielle did eventually drop, one again.

It's really impossible to know how far Danielle would have gotten in this game without Dan around or what her strategy would have been. Shane's eviction was evidence that his (Shane's) strategy was to stick with his alliance, win competitions and basically do what people told him to do, including accept his own nomination with blind trust and no real argument. Shane seems like a good man, so this is nothing personal against the guy, but that was a bad decision - and it was his own decision not to put up a fight. If he had argued the point, Danielle might have been swayed. Who knows? Doesn't matter. Dan is in a better position with Shane out of the house. Not only were the odds slim-to-none that Shane would have taken Dan to the end, but given recent Kelloggs sponsored date and the smoochies we'e seen between Danielle and Shane, there was a good chance Danielle wouldn't have chosen Dan over Shane if the opportunity came up. Things would not have looked good for Dan if he were up against Shane and Danielle in the final three.

Dan's not telling Danielle all of this, though. From what we've seen since the episode ended and Danielle picked her jaw up off the floor, Dan is pushing the idea that he's still Danielle's coach. He's assuring her that he did what was in their best interest and that he's "playing for two" here. Danielle has seemed skeptical, and I think somewhere in her mind she knows that it was definitely in Dan's best interest that Shane went and not her own, but there've been a couple of indications that she's willing to go along with what he's saying. For one thing, she agreed to throw the competition. She dropped and Dan won the first part of the HoH. Scorned though she may be, she's putting a lot of faith in him by not trying to secure her own spot in the final HoH, and agreeing to go up against photographic-memory-having Ian in the next part. Granted, she beat Ian at the recent Veto, so she could definitely win the next competition, but still. She could have won this one.

Dan and Danielle spoke for a bit last night, following the HoH competition and she expressed more doubt, hurt feelings and skepticism over his tactics. He, in turn, seems to want Danielle to play up her anger at him (once again) in an effort to get Ian to throw the second HoH part to her. I don't know that Ian would be foolish enough to do that, but after Dan and Danielle talked about her assuring Ian that she'd take him to the final two, Danielle did talk about being angry and wanting to be the one that takes Dan out.

It's hard to know how much of that Ian's buying, but he did seem to be in agreement that it was a harsh way for Shane to go. But that's an obvious approach to take with Danielle. He doesn't' stand to gain anything by defending Dan to Danielle. It would be in Ian's best interest to try to use this situation to get closer to her. And since Danielle really is upset about Shane going, it's not a tough role for her to play here.

Ian's not entirely easy to predict, and I didn't see him and Dan talking strategy one-on-one last night. If they did, it might have happened before the feeds came back, or I missed it. He has to be grateful that Dan saved him and honored their Renegades alliance. But I have to wonder if - being a fan of the show - Ian might have seen Dan's gloriously evil move last night and now thinks he would be just as badass if he got to take Dan out in the Final 3. He'd probably win a lot of favor with the jury If he did that. But we've also seen Ian's fierce loyalty toward alliances, at least when it comes to the Quack Pack, so perhaps he'll be consistent there and stick with Dan to the end. I actually believe it's more important to Ian that he plays a good game and has a good experience than it is about winning. I'm not saying that's a flaw or passing judgment. It just makes it hard to know what he's going to do. I guess all we can do is speculate until the next HoH competition plays out. If Danielle wins, it's a moot point. I'll still be interested to hear Ian's diary room perspective on what Dan did. Does he approve? was he in awe? Or was he put off by it despite the fact that it saved him?

And that's it for now! Feeds are at trivia right now and they have been for a while. I heard something about them filming a breakfast segment for an upcoming episode, so that might be what's happening. We'll update if anything major develops! In the meantime, for more Big Brother chatter, here's our breakdown of last night's episode!

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