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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Spoilers: Nominations And Surprises

The nominations are in! And there were a couple of surprises in the Big Brother house today. If you don't want to know the dirty details, read no further. With that said, consider yourselves spoiler warned! The following article contains details from the Big Brother live feeds, which have not aired yet!

Earlier today we shared the update that Ian won Head of Household. It seemed like he was leaning toward nominating Jenn and Frank, after re-solidifying the Quack Pack alliance, and having a private conversation with Dan that may lead to Renegades 2.0. From what I've gathered from the feeds since the Nomination ceremony, Ian did put Jenn and Frank on the block, and I think he's waiting until after Veto to decide who the real target is. Makes sense.

Things didn't seem tense after the nominations, and I think Frank and Jenn knew they were going up (and probably understand that it was inevitable after their involvement in Britney's eviction).

Big Brother came through for the Houseguests with another Pandora's Box. The feeds cut for this so I didn't see any of it, but from what the houseguests were talking about, it sounds like Jessie (BB 10/11) was let loose in the house. He apparently threw out all of their junk food and replaced it with healthy food, which led to a lot of taste-testing on the houseguest's part as they tried some of the organic snacks they were given.

They were also given toys and other fun things, including pool toys and a new hammock, which is great for feed-watchers, as the old hammock (which is Ian's default place to relax and rock) had gotten really squeaky. The gifts may have been just for Ian, but he's been sharing them with everyone.

It sounds like they're having the Veto competition tonight (Slight correction: sounds like the Veto competition will take place tomorrow morning). Speculation among the houseguests is that it's the "OTEV" competition - the one where the Big Brother god-like statue (occasionally voiced by a past houseguest) gives them a riddle and they have to scramble around the backyard in search for an item with the correct houseguests' name and then deliver it to OTEV and kneel on one of the mats. Last player to reach the mat is eliminated each round. Whether or not that's actually the comp they have coming up, we don't know, but it's a good possibility.

There's speculation that the early Veto competition (it usually takes place on Saturday) means its a fast forward week. Ian says he doesn't think it is, but I suspect that's just wishful thinking on his part, since he won't get to play in the next HoH.

It should be interesting to see who wins the Veto and what happens once it's won!

Kelly West
Kelly West

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