Big Brother Win of the Week: Mike Boogie disqualifying himself from the Coach competition while celebrating his perceived victory. It's like watching a football player do a touchdown dance right before the end zone. I suppose that should be considered a fail, but for entertainment purposes, it was a pretty classic Boogie-brag moment. Big Brother Lose of the Week: Willie getting himself disqualified and ejected from the Big Brother house. I'm a mixture of disappointed and irritated by it. It just seems like a waste of an opportunity to let that happen, and since he seemed to want it to happen, it's just annoying - especially when you consider how many people would love to be on this series.

Things weren't looking so good for Danielle prior to tonight's episode. Rather than playing the game, she seemed to be holed up in a room crying and feeling alone. Granted, this isn't an easy game to play, but the crying-sad strategy probably wasn't the way to go this week. It worked well for Dan in his season when he was being ganged up on, but in this case, she needed to gain allies. Fortunately, after a talk with Dan, it looked like she got back into the game, having a girl-talk chat with Ashley and Janelle, during which she revealed the budding Showmance between Shane and JoJo. That seemed to fuel the fire to get JoJo evicted, though I'm sure other things factored into the equation.

The high point of the girl-talk convo wasn't Danielle's strategizing, which may or may not have been intentional, but Ashley's comments about Shane's physical build. "He's becoming emancipated," Ashley said, when discussing Shane's body. "Like when you're skinny you start to get introverted." I think she meant emaciated, which apparently makes you skinny and sort of quiet and self absorbed. I want to see a conversation between Ashley and Jordan… and for good measure, Jeff's commentary on it. Janelle saying, "My boobs weigh more than his head," was also good for a more intentional laugh.

Evil Dr. Will made a guest appearance tonight to share his thoughts on the game. Of course, as a permanent resident of Chilltown, Will is Team Boogie all the way, though he did make a joke about Boogie's fashion issues and Boogie's coaches-comp fail didn't go unnoticed either. Of all the houseguests, Will thinks this is Ian's game, claiming Ian is a lot like Boogie, though I suspect he might also see a little bit of himself in young Ian.

Will also pointed out Dan's over-coaching (and called him the baby of Kermit the Frog and Ryan Seacrest), and Britney's non-coaching coaching technique. As much as I love (love) Britney's sarcastic diary-room banter, especially when talking about her own team, she's now down two players, so he may have a point. That brings us to the results. Everyone but Shane voted to evict JoJo.

Just for records purposes, here's how the votes went down:

Wil (Janelle) - JoJo
Joe (Janelle) - JoJo
Ashley (Janelle) - JoJo
Shane (Britney) - Danielle
Ian (Mike) - JoJo
Jenn (Mike) - JoJo

So JoJo left. Maybe her eviction was personal, as Britney suggested. She seemed pretty outgoing and not all that flexible in terms of her personality. I don't see that as a flaw outside the Big Brother house, but I can see it working against her in the game. And as she said, she was good at the competitions. That's a good thing in some respects, but it could have made her seem like a threat. Danielle probably didn't seem like much of a threat to anyone, and her non-aggressive approach to being on the block may have saved her… though it could have just as easily gotten her evicted.

The Head of Household competition had the houseguests hitting balls into slots with a hockey stick. Mike took forever to go, a couple of people used a ricochet approach and that ended up paying off for Shane, who scored the highest number. Considering he's Britney's last teammate, it was a big deal that he won. And the tables have turned once again. If Britney and Shane are smart, they'll target Boogie's people, or Janelle's. Both still have all three players. They need to make a deal with one team and target the other team completely. Or they could make a deal with both teams and plan to backdoor Danielle. There are definitely options here. Hopefully for Britney, Shane plays this week the right way.

The episode ended with America's vote, which asks the viewers of the four veterans should be offered the opportunity to join the game. "Offered" seems to be a key word, and based on the announcement, it didn't even sound certain that America's choice would ensure that. This really seems more like a poll than anything and frankly, I'm not even sure what the better answer should be. I sort of like seeing the veterans playing the game from a slightly outside perspective, but I can't help but wonder what would happen if the teams were broken up and the veterans were playing for themselves.

Should the coaches join the game?

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