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Last night's episode of Big Brother caught us up a bit on what happened during the Head of Household/Jury-return competition, which saw one houseguest crowned HoH and another earn a second chance. Before we get to the live feed spoilers, let's talk about that for a second. I know a lot of people wanted to see Candice or Jessie return to the house. Candice got a raw deal because for some reason most of the house didn't like her. I still don't completely understand why. Jessie turned into the ultimate underdog among the other houseguests, and I assume that's why people wanted to see her return. But of the four jurors with the most potential to stand any chance of reentering the game and not being instantly sent out the following week, I'd say Judd and Helen were the top two, with Judd coming out ahead.

Ok, with Elissa as Head of Household, all four jurors would have probably lasted more than a week in the house, since she wouldn't have targeted any of them. But Candice was too disliked to stand much chance of hanging around, and the only thing we probably would have had to look forward to from her return was watching the houseguests treat her badly for another week or two. No thanks. As much as I would have wanted to believe in an amazing comeback for her, the reality of the situation is, we would've probably have seen an encore of what the game was like for her before. And as much as Jessie might have stirred things up if she came back in, no one would have trusted her. I'd have given her two weeks also. Judd, on the other hand, who knows? We're starting to see him work his way back into the fold, and there's not a whole lot of talk about getting him out. At least, not in the obvious way, which is to say that the houseguests haven't united in an effort to send him packing simply because they don't think he "deserves" to be here. I think deep down they all know Judd got the shaft, getting sent out on a double eviction, with no time to campaign to save himself. If Judd's a target, it'll be due to his associations with Elissa, and that brings us to the live feed spoilers…

If you don't want to know who won the Veto, read no further! Live Feed Spoilers ahead!

So it was looking like Elissa was targeting Aaryn, but her decision to put McCrae on the block hinted that she was also toying with the idea of backdooring Amanda. And that theory wasn't lost on Amanda and McCrae going into the Veto competition. I was hoping that Elissa would have clued us into that during last night's episode, but that didn't really happen, so maybe we'll get more strategic insight from her on Wednesday night. In the meantime, it's been difficult to know what she's really thinking as she refuses to outright tell anyone what she's going to do. And i don't blame her for that. People talk about everything here, and her vagueness has had the entire house scrambling for days now. So points to Elissa for that. At this point, I'm thinking her prime targets were Aaryn and Amanda. If Aaryn won the Veto, Amanda would go up and Elissa would've wanted her to leave.

It was becoming clear to the other houseguests that Amanda was the only person who couldn't win the Veto. Because, of course, if she did with the Veto, she could take McCrae off, and she's safe from eviction as well. Of course, Amanda won the Veto. The competition had something to do with the Zingbot, and/or Baby Zingbot's first birthday. Amanda pulled out her first win of the season when she needed it most, leaving the rest of the house and Elissa to fret over what will happen next.

We still don't actually know, as the Veto Ceremony hasn't happened yet. It's expected to happen today. Amanda will presumably use the Veto to save McCrae, and Elissa will put up someone in her place. Right now, it's looking like Andy. Amanda was trying hard to get GinaMarie put up. And knowing that if she tried to convince Elissa to do it, she'd probably do the obvious, Amanda did some scheming to try a less direct route, using reverse psychology and at one point sending Aaryn up to Elissa with orders to act cocky, like she knows she has the votes to stay no matter what, between GinaMarie, Amanda and McCrae. But Aaryn didn't really do that. Instead she went to Elissa and talked about how GM couldn't be trusted, which I'm not really sure is what Amanda wanted her to do. I think Aaryn chickened out in trying the "Haha, you'll never get me out" route. Or maybe I misread that whole situation. Either way, it didn't seem to have any impact on anything and neither did Judd trying to convince Elissa to put up GinaMarie. In Judd's case, I think he was tricked into supporting a GM nom because Andy and McCranda had him convinced they were on the outs or something. It's getting hard to keep up with what Amanda's trying to make happen here.

Right now, I'm thinking Andy will go up, but there's still a chance it could be GinaMarie. As for who will go home, it's anyone's guess. Last night, Andy, GinaMarie, Judd and Spencer agreed that if any of them in their newly founded "Exterminator" alliance goes up, they vote to evict Aaryn. But will they actually do it? Judd will evict Aaryn because he and Elissa seem to be on good terms, and because Aaryn was the one who sent him out of the house. Spencer would probably evict her because he sees the numbers in this "Exterminator" alliance, and because McCranda is weaker without Aaryn. GinaMarie has been pretty convincing about her willingness to evict Aaryn, but she may just be saying this to keep herself safe, in case she's put up next to her. And Andy, who knows? Will he really feel safe without the support of McCranda? If he goes against them by evicting Aaryn, they might turn on him. But of all four "Exterimators," Andy's loyalty seems the likeliest to be moot here, as it's looking like Elissa will put Andy up. She's talking about that with him as I type this, and while it's not a done deal, it sounds pretty locked up. We'll post an update when the Veto ceremony happens!

UPDATE - As expected, Amanda used the Veto on McCrae. Andy was put up in McCrae's place and right now it looks like the house expects Aaryn to leave. Aaryn seems aware of that and from what I've seen, is accepting of it. But there are still three days until eviction and anything can happen.

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