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"People are starting to show their true colors," Julie Chen said at the start of tonight's live episode of Big Brother. Is that her way of acknowledging the recent controversy that has erupted involving certain racist comments made by some of the houseguests? Possibly. CBS made their vaguely unsupportive statement on said comments this week, but the series predictably omitted any of the footage from the live feeds in tonight's episode. Instead, the hinted "true colors" related to a fight among some of the houseguests over some wine.

The first live show brought us back to the shiny new Big Brother set outside the house, and delivered Julie Chen to us, dressed in a gown that looked like it would fit in rather glamorously at a pink ribbon fundraiser. Picking up where last night's episode left off, we were brought into the post-Veto ceremony footage and the aftermath of McCrae putting Elissa up as the replacement nominee, sending Candice to safety in the process. The diary footage seemed a bit misleading as the feeds indicated that McCrae was only putting Elissa up because he needed to make good on the promise he made to the house. From what I saw on the live feeds, there were already enough votes to evict David, with Candice, Jeremy, Aaryn, Jessie, Kaitlyn and GinaMarie being the only ones on the outside and unaware of that plan. But I guess pretending like things weren't mostly set for David's ousting adds suspense, right?

Elissa knew about the plan too, so it's hard to say if her diary room comments about feeling betrayed by McCrae were genuine. She might really be upset that he "had" to put her up, but she knew it was coming and she knew that the plan was to get David out. Heck, she even knew that she was being kept around because some of the houseguests think she'll be MVP again next week and that can work in their favor.

Cut to cute and silly footage of Kaitlin and Jeremy's showmance. They're both pretty and they're hitting it off. We've seen this story before. Let's get to the drama. During the countdown to the end of the first Have-Not week, Aaryn decided to go ahead and drink a giant glass of red wine ahead of the festivities. There are sixteen people in the house and they never get much alcohol. One bottle of wine disappearing will most definitely be noticed, but Aaryn didn't seem to care about that. In fact, it seemed like she was almost happy to cause trouble and slight the have-nots.

Jeremy did get the wine and he did pour it, but - unless we were misled by the way he handed that glass to Aaryn - he wasn't the only person to drink it. Taking the wine was inconsiderate. That on its own is really a minor offense. Rude, yes, but there are worse things. How he acted was worse. Aaryn can take some of the blame there. She got Jeremy worked up, acted like she was being bullied and sent him in there to defend her, acting like a bully himself and making Helen - and later, Amanda - cry. While Aaryn was the catalyst, Jeremy's a big boy and he's responsible for his own actions. From what I saw on the feeds, he apologized the next day, and maybe he won't be so quick to attack the next time Aaryn instigates.

Amanda and McCrae got some screen time for a bit of bed-time flirting, bra-revealing and smoochies. McCrae seems to be having a hard time accepting the reality of his situation with Amanda, but they've spent almost every minute together since the feeds came on, so a connection seemed inevitable. Maybe Amanda's initial attraction to him was his HoH status, but all signs point to them genuinely getting along, so I wouldn't be surprised if their alliance sticks beyond this week.

The houseguests seemed nervous and excited once the live portion of the episode got going. It has to be exciting for them, getting their first taste of live television, especially after spending the last couple of weeks shut away from the rest of the world.

There was no question as to where the audience stood on who they wanted to go home tonight. Before the audience was eventually muted (or silenced), there were cheers for votes to evict David and boos for votes to evict Elissa. I wish someone would have voted for Jessie just to stir the pot, but given how certain some people were that Elissa would go, I think the pot has been sufficiently stirred for one week.

Jeremy and Candice were both aware of the plan to evict David, from what I know, but both of them voted to evict Elissa. Candice is kind of a floater, so that wasn't hugely surprising, but Jeremy's part of the "Moving Company" alliance. Voting the other way may have been strategy to keep some of the other houseguests from knowing that he's locked in tight with McCrae, Spencer, Howard and Judd. Maybe he knew they had the numbers and his vote wasn't needed. Or he couldn't vote against David, since they're friends. Possibly both. It doesn't matter. David was evicted, and some of the houseguests appeared to be shocked, which indicates that they actually managed to keep this secret from David and his friends for the better part of a week, which is pretty impressive.

The goodbye messages included Amanda referring to Aaryn as the biggest bitch in the house. David can rest assured that, aside from the times she berated him on the feeds for talking to Elissa and occasionally complained about him, she was loyal to him. And she didn't vote to evict him.

The HoH competition is a mostly-endurance comp, where houseguests have to slip and slide across a greasy track, filling a cup and emptying it into a jug over and over. First one to get their ping-pong ball out of the jug wins HoH. Only this competition is set up tag-team style, with two houseguests assigned to a lane, which may cut down on the time it usually takes for a houseguest to fill their jug. We'll be sure to update you when we have a winner!

Head of Household update - LIVE FEED SPOILERS AHEAD!:

It's hard to tell what's going on because teh feeds aren't giving us a full view of everyone's jugs. Judd and Nick filled the small jug and upgraded to the big cup, but right now of the people we can see, it looks like Andy and Elissa are doing well. I can't say for sure if they're ahead though because - as I said - the feeds aren't showing all the jugs Jokers is reporting that Jeremy and Aaryn are ahead. And we're back to trivia on the feeds.

HoH comp

Feeds came back. Looks like Andy/Elissa are neck and neck with Aaryn/Jeremy. But Judd/Nick have the big cup now so they're moving up fast. It doesn't look like anyone else is close enough to catch up to those three teams.

It's over. Jeremy got the ball out of his jug. Not sure if this means he's HoH or he and Aaryn will have to decide. We'll update when we know.

Feeds are back. Still can't tell for sure who's HoH but it sounds like Aaryn got to choose the Have Nots and it's Helen and Elissa. Not sure if anyone else is included in that, but they were both Have Nots last week, so that may be Aaryn's backlash for David going out the door.

Final Update: Helen just said "She's gonna put us both up," so it sounds like Aaryn got HoH. This should be an interesting week. Vote for Helen for MVP!

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