Well, it's done. The Veto Ceremony has taken place inside the Big Brother house and it sounds like the eviction target has been pretty firmly set this week. But anything can happen over the course of this week, and let's not forget that the person evicted on Thursday could very well end up back in the house by night's end.

Live Feed Spoilers Ahead!

As we reported yesterday, Frankie won the Veto. As Head of Household, this gives him most of the power this week. Of course, he has no vote, so he won't get to decide who goes home, but he did get to narrow down the picks substantially. Frankie used the Veto today to save Caleb and put Zach up in his place. So Zach is on the block next to Cody now. (It's a suite life, these two lead, isn't it?).

They were going to tell Zach about the plan last night, but Team America's big ridiculous mission interfered. Team America was tasked with hiding people's clothes and then organizing a neighborhood watch patrol for 24 hours to keep an eye on the situation. Once the non-Team America people noticed stuff was missing, they went on a hunt to find it, and at some point Zach either took credit for the theft or was blamed for it. It was sort of like the Team America mission where Zach was accused of being BB15's Amanda Zuckerman's cousin and he just went along with it for fun.

Eventually, the missing items were found and people continued to accuse Zach, who started semi-joking that this Saboteur/America's Player thing -- they don't actually know if it's a game-related twist, but many suspect -- will be his undoing. When Frankie refused to confirm or deny if Zach was safe, he seemed to start to pick up on the fact that there might be a plan to backdoor him. But he didn't know for sure until this afternoon when the Veto ceremony took place.

Drama has been relatively mild since Zach went up on the block. Zach and Frankie did have it out a bit in the back yard after Zach told Caleb that Christine and Derrick would likely protect Cody over him, and that he (Zach), Frankie and Christine made a Final 3 deal. Caleb brushed most of what Zach said off and went elsewhere to repeat it, while Frankie ate food and explained to Zach that stuff that happens in the past doesn't matter and every week everyone gets a clean slate (except for Zach, apparently). I can't imagine that Frankie really believes this, because really? Clean slate is pretty much the opposite of the Big Brother game.

At one point, Frankie outright said "I don't even understand how you could possibly be so stupid," which is part of what bugs me about how he's playing this game. For someone who boasts about how well he can talk to people, he seems to know just how to kick a person when they're down. It's not all that unlike when he called Nicole naive -- to her face -- for being surprised/disappointed by the Jocasta blindside. He has a right to think it but it's just not necessary to say it, and it's the kind of thing that could cost him the $500k if Frankie manages to get to the end. People are more inclined to reward someone who beat them without being mean about it. Plus, it's hard to watch.

In fairness to Frankie, he probably felt like he was under attack over the situation, or worried that Zach's going to destroy his game by revealing everything he can think of and then some before his eviction. There's more than two days during which time Zach can do some serious damage if he wants to -- assuming he has any credibility left, and assuming that damage isn't already done to Frankie's game. Whether or not this movie proves to be a mistake in Frankie's game remains to be seen. In the meantime, by the time I finished this post the two were lounging around the bathroom and a lot of the tension seemed to be gone... for now.


If anything major transpires between now and Thursday, we'll be sure to share an update. In the meantime, it's looking like Zach's days in the house are numbered. Zingbot on Wednesday!

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