This season of Big Brother is shaping up to be a good one. Admittedly, the lack of proper villains has slightly dampened some of the suspense during eviction night, but the season is still young and there's plenty of time for drama. We almost saw some today as the Veto Ceremony took place. Who won the Veto and was it used? We'll tell you! Live Feed Spoilers Ahead!

Just to summarize what's been revealed in the episodes so far, including Sunday's episode of Big Brother.

Cody and Frankie won the egg-chicken-wire race and became this week's Heads of Household.

Team America was assigned the task of targeting a "physical threat," which they decided was Amber.

Frankie put up Jocasta and Amber -- Team America mission accomplished.

Cody nominated Victoria and Brittany.

Amber and Jocasta won the chess match Battle of the Block competition, dethroning Frankie.

So, as of Sunday night's episode, Cody is the sole Head of Household, and his nominees are Victoria and Brittany.

Now for the spoilers:

Victoria won the Power of Veto and used it to save herself.

Cody very seriously considered putting up Caleb, but ended up nominating Donny. So Donny and Brittany are now on the block, and if things go according to the current plan, Brittany will be evicted Thursday night. But there's a lot of time for her to turn that around, so we'll see.

From the conversation and events that transpired in the house after the Veto competition was played this weekend, it sounds like this was the Veto where the houseguests play a game that eliminates one person each round. The eliminated houseguest selects a mystery "prize," which might be something good like cash or a trip, or something bad like an annoying task, or the dreaded unitard.

This is my all-time favorite Veto competition, as it usually stirs up drama, as it forces the better-playing contestants to decide if they want a sweet prize like money or a trip, or do they go for the Veto.

The theme of the Veto was soccer/The World Cup.

It sounds like Caleb may have opted to take a $5k cash prize rather than the Veto, which rubbed Cody the wrong way. To make matters worse, according to at least one houseguest (I think it was Hayden), Caleb allegedly bragged that he's now the richest houseguest. Obviously he doesn't know that the Team America trio each has $10k banked, but if it's true that he was bragging about the money, that's a terrible game move. If you're going to go for the prizes, try not to brag about it. It only gives the other houseguests one more reason to evict you! Caleb's already on thin ice, there, but we'll get to that.

Nicole ended up with the unitard, which was a "Germitard" -- themed for Germany -- and as you might have guessed, she looks adorable in it.


Brittany won the task of having to kick 2400 goals in 24 hours. That's a lot of soccer in the span of a day. But she did it.

Cody had to subject himself to a butt-kicking courtesy of some weird sneaker contraption that kicked him in the behind ten times.

And Zach won trip to Germany.

As for the renomination, it was looking like Cody might put up Caleb as the replacement nominee. He had Donny in his sights, but then a conversation with Donny seemed to turn Cody around. Cody seemed to be thinking about how his family would react to the situation he was in, and how his brother wouldn't be afraid to nominate Caleb, even if Brittany was the target. The thing is, his alliance made it pretty clear that they want Brittany out this week and that it's too soon to target Caleb.

Caleb's a big target. In fact, Caleb is probably the biggest target in the house, which is why it probably is too soon to send him packing. With Cody as Head of Household, the Detonators have the power to target someone who might be a bigger threat to their alliance than Caleb currently is. At least with Caleb, if he wins Head of Household, they might be able to convince him they're all working with him, even though the Bomb Squad is technically nonexistent.

Cody actually came outside and told Hayden he was putting Caleb up. And then Cody had a conversation with Derrick, and I think Frankie caught wind of the situation at one point also, so word did get around. But Caleb ended up putting Donny up. No idea if Caleb heard anything about what almost happened, but it's out there, which could come back to hurt Cody. Regardless, Caleb is safe this week, and either Donny or Brittany will go home.

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