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Spoiler alert: This live feed update contains spoilers that have not been revealed in the Big Brother episode, including who was nominated, who won Battle of the Block, who's reigning Head of Household, who won the Veto and what the plan for it is, as of Sunday afternoon.

Here's the breakdown for this Big Brother week so far, as of Sunday at noon EST:
Heads of Household

Da'Vonne - nominated by Shelli
John - nominated by Shelli

Jason - nominated by Becky
Steve - nominated by Becky
Battle of the Block
Jason and Steve won. Becky was dethroned.
John won the Veto. Since he's on the block, he'll probably use it.


To get caught from our last Live Feed spoiler post, the Veto competition has since taken place and John won it. He'll most likely use it to take himself off the block, and Shelli plans to put another pawn on the block to replace him, as she's moving forward with her plan to get Da'Vonne out. From the conversations I've seen, she's definitely not going to put Audrey up.

There was talk of putting Liz up at the replacement nominee, and Shelli may end up following through with that, but after a conversation with Austin, Clay and Vanessa about Da'Vonne and they came around to the idea that the best way to guarantee Da'Vonne goes is to put up someone who definitely wouldn't be voted out, which isn't Liz. It's Meg. By the end of the conversation, it seemed like Shelli was all set to have Meg be the replacement nominee.

Shelly's in a mild predicament here as Liz is really the only target who's probably safe on the block and not inside any of Shelli's alliances (I can't even keep track of what those are at this point). But Liz is not guaranteed-safe. She's likely-safe, and with only one eviction down, there's no way to know how the house will react once the Veto is played and people start looking at their options. For some, including people Shelli is close with, keeping Da'Vonne may be a bit more beneficial to their game than keeping Liz.


If Shelli wants a better chance at getting Da'Vonne out, she needs to put up someone who's so well liked, Da'Vonne would have basically no chance of staying. Of course, nominating Meg as the replacement nominee could cause a rift in their friendship, and impact Shelli's relationship with Meg and the people who are close to her going forward. Why damage that bridge if Liz is an option?

So Shelli has to decide, does she trust the people who are all saying they'd vote Da'Vonne out? If that's the case, she'll put up Liz. If she's too worried about Da'Vonne making a good argument against Liz, who doesn't have a ton of close relationships in the house, she'll put up Meg.

As of right now, it doesn't seem like anyone else is at risk of being the replacement nomination. Jason and Steve are both safe because of the Battle of the Block win. Becky doesn't seem to be on Shelli's radar at all. Austin would likely be too enticing of a target to go up next to Da'Vonne. Same for Vanessa. I don't think people are gunning for either them (excluding Jeff), but if Liz is 90% safe next to Da'Vonne on the block, Vanessa's probably like 70% safe and Austin is 40% safe. Da'Vonne would have a much easier time gaining campaign traction against either of them than she would against Liz. And if Austin were on the block, Shelli knows Jeff would lead the charge to get him out. Shelli wants Da'Vonne out, so whoever she puts up is who she thinks is the best choice to make that happen.

Da'Vonne has not done much, from what I've seen, to campaign to stay, but that's either because she thinks there's a chance Audrey will go up against her and be the real target, or she doesn't see the point of campaigning because it's a done deal. It may be a combination of both. We'll have to wait and see how (and if) she reacts when the Veto ceremony takes place. I can't see her going down without a fight, but if she ends up up against Meg, she may not see any way out of the situation. Unless she gets the Last Laugh...

Still no updates on the Last Laugh twist.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. and Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on CBS.

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