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The zombie apocu-lips is about to happen!

It's true. Well, not literally true. But as the Big Brother promo reveals, there are only three episodes left before the season finale of Big Brother, and there's an early eviction lined up for the houseguests this week. The live feeds are expected to go dark at some point today and most likely won't return until after the taped eviction episode airs Wednesday night. So how will we know who's going home this week? We won't, which is kind of maddening. But we can speculate…

SPOILER warning - Live feed spoilers ahead!

Just to catch you up on what's been going on in the house since the nominations took place. McCrae won the Veto, unknowingly ensuring that an Exterminator will be sent packing this week. As Sunday night's episode revealed, McCrae seems vaguely aware that there's at least a chance it was Andy who sent Amanda out the door, and that Andy, Judd and Spencer might be working together. Just how deep these suspicions go, it's hard to say because he doesn't have anyone in the house to talk to about it, so we can only go by what he said in the diary room.

Yesterday was the Veto ceremony. McCrae used it to take himself off and Judd was put up in his place. It sounds like Judd gave some kind of speech during the ceremony, which threw everyone off, as the replacement nominee doesn't usually talk during that. Whatever he said seemed to piss McCrae off, and it had Spencer, Andy and GinaMarie baffled as to where this fight started. But later we saw McCrae talking to Judd in private, indicating that Judd's outburst (or whatever it was) was an act, and McCrae quietly assured Judd that he would vote to keep him, and that they should stay away from one another for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, McCrae has told the rest of the house that Judd's behavior has made it easier for him to evict him.

So GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy all think McCrae is voting to evict Judd. It's not entirely clear what this rouse is supposed to accomplish, other than possibly fooling Spencer and Andy into thinking that Judd is so angry at McCrae that he's undoubtedly going to target him for the next eviction if he stays. While GM has proven to be loyal and can be counted on to remain faithful to the Exterminators, Judd might know that he doesn't have the same reputation, and this act could assure his alliance members that he's still with them. McCrae presumably benefits because he thinks he has an agreement with Judd. For McCrae, it's probably his best play, since there's no one else in the house he can trust. Whether or not Judd would make good on any deal they might have, who knows, but it's worth a shot.

For this eviction, there will be two or three votes. If McCrae and Andy both vote to evict the same person, Spencer doesn't vote, but if there's a tie, Spencer will break it. So Spencer and Andy have done a bit of quiet talking about who should go and it seems like Andy's leaning toward sending Judd out. GinaMarie's injured -- she hurt her her toes on the stairs, sliced open her knee and needed stitches during the Veto comp and cut open her hand cutting vegetables -- which might seem like a benefit to keeping her if she can't perform well in comps. But I think the choice to go with keeping her over Judd comes down to loyalty. Judd's too much of a wildcard to trust completely, whereas GM won't be swayed.

The thing is, I don't know that we can trust that what Andy's telling Spencer is what he'll definitely do. He may really be planning to evict Judd, but knowing Andy as we do, especially by the way he lied to McCranda's faces about voting to evict Spencer last week, I think it's just as likely that Andy could be planning to force the vote to a tie by intentionally voting the opposite of McCrae. That would keep his hands clean on this eviction and force Spencer to make the decision as to which Exterminator should go, and then he could just lie to Spencer afterward and say McCrae changed his vote. Of course, that would probably backfire in Andy's face if he believed McCrae was voting to evict Judd and it turns out McCrae's really sending GM out the door. Of course, this is pure speculation. Andy hasn't actually hinted that he's planning to do this, but there's no one in the house he could confide in on this particular plan. If he has any tricks up his sleeve, it's in his best interest not to reveal them to anyone else in the house, especially if he's planning on pinning the hinky vote on McCrae.

But if we were taking things at face value right now, it looks like McCrae secretly plans to vote to evict GinaMarie, while Spencer and Andy are leaning toward voting to evict Judd. But we won't know who votes for who until tomorrow night's episode, as the feeds aren't expected to come up once they eventually go out today (they're still on right now), but if there are any updates before then, we'll be sure to share them!

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