Big Brother Houseguest Frankie Grande Reveals Big Secrets To The House

Big Brother live feed spoiler alert!

Big Brother's Frankie Grande has been keeping a couple of pretty big secrets from his fellow houseguests. Not only does he host a very popular YouTube channel, but he's also the brother to pop star Ariana Grande. Frankie revealed this information to the house this week. Get the details ahead!

For those who don't regularly watch Big Brother, Frankie Grande is one of the contestants in the reality competition series this season. His sister, Ariana Grande, was actually in the audience of last Thursday night's live show, though Frankie likely didn't know it...

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Frankie revealed the truth to the house over the weekend. His reasons why (or our speculation of them) and the context of the conversation he had with some of the houseguests involve some bigger spoilers related to the game, so with that...

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains live feed spoilers and information that has not yet been revealed in the CBS episodes of Big Brother yet!

Frankie was nominated for eviction after last week's live episode. If you want to know how this happened, who nominated him, read our live feed report.

Frankie admitted prior to going into the house that he didn't want to tell people about his sister or his internet fan because "i feel like both of those things will put an unnecessary target on my back." It's smart thinking, as houseguests with connections to known people (mostly former houseguests) have been targeted for it in the past.


The houseguests' reactions to this news varied. He opened up to the guys first (minus Donny), and Caleb admitted he'd never heard of Ariana Grande. Derrick went into interrogation mode, asking questions about the situation and talking about people's lives outside of the house and who they are inside. Derrick's comments were kind of amusing, considering he's been hiding the fact that he's a cop from the houseguests, though I think Frankie or someone has guessed as much. Derrick's secret identity has not been revealed yet.

Victoria has discussed being a fan of Ariana Grande, so she was naturally surprised and then thrilled to learn that Frankie was her brother. In fact you can see the mix of emotions on her face not long after he revealed it.

Here she is processing what he said...


And then it starts to sink in...


And then she starts to get excited...


And then she just loses it and screams...


Like a high-pitched whistle scream of excitement, after which Frankie pounced on her...


It was an adorable moment, and one well worth watching. Hopefully they'll air it during Wednesday's show. it takes place post-Battle of the Block so I don't imagine it'll be on tonight's episode.

We get into more game-related spoilers and speculation on the next page...


Looking at Frankie's decision to openly reveal the truth about his background, it seems like it's as much a game move as it is a personal choice to open up to his fellow houseguests. I can't imagine he would speak up about that stuff if he thought it was going to have a negative effect on his game, or at the very least, if he didn't think it might help him a bit. Frankie has been playing very strategically all season. But, it should be noted that Frankie didn't reveal the truth about his sister until after he won Battle of the Block and was safe from eviction, so who knows how he wants this to impact his game, or whether it's more personal than it is game related. His diary room sessions may help us understand that better.

My speculation mainly from a game perspective, as that's why I watch this competition. Analyzing a player's every choice is part of the obsession from a spectator's perspective. In this case, Frankie had some major game setbacks after Thursday night's live episode, so the timing of this reveal seems worth noting. But on the same token, Julie revealed that everyone evicted from last Thursday on would be in jury, so he may have been timing this reveal to coincide with that. If he was, indeed, saving this news for jurors-only (non-jurors would find out when they left the house), Friday would be the time to do it. But his confession came along with some game talk about decisions he's made, the loss of his grandfather, how that affected him and other choices he's made. So it all blends together as far as I can tell. One way or the other, I think he knew this would affect his game, for better or worse.

Frankie made it clear that he doesn't benefit from his sister's money (or he isn't supported by it, anyway). He also said he's playing the game for charity to build schools in Malawi. I don't know if that's true. I can't believe he would make it up. But either way, his choice to reveal that would also likely affect his game, for better or worse, as some people might feel more or less compelled to get him out because of that, depending on if they felt inspired by his generosity or threatened by it.

Moving on to the aftermath, Zach has commented at least once that they should just give up because Frankie's playing for charity and how do they compete with that -- paraphrasing. There was also some talk about it being assumed that Frankie would win America's Favorite Player $25k prize at the end if he doesn't make it to jury. And I know at least one person -- Derrick I think -- said Victoria will be more loyal to Frankie because of this. On that front, Nicole may have also said something along those lines, possibly repeating something someone else told her about Victoria being in Frankie's pocket now, and it got back to Frankie, who was/is livid over it.

From what the feeds showed, Nicole said something about Victoria possibly being more loyal to Frankie because he's Ariana Grande's brother. I didn't actually hear Nicole say this. I watched Caleb tell Frankie that Nicole said it, so I'm not sure what the full context of the statement was, but Frankie interpreted it as "the lowest, most horrific thing" he's ever heard in his life, his words when he confronted Victoria about it and assured her that she shouldn't pay any mind to anyone saying something like that.

By that point, Victoria was still shaken up about some other things that were brought to her attention in the house, so I'm not sure what the full context of the situation was, nor do I think Nicole knows that Frankie is angry about it. I'm also not sure why Frankie is so disgusted by it, to be honest. He's reacting as if Nicole said something horrible about his sister or him, which I don't think she did. It's also possible that I'm missing pieces to this story, but his reaction seemed extreme. Either way, it seems like the reveal is and will have some impact on what transpires in the house. But that's how this game works. The more time passes, the more cut off the players are from the outside world, the more paranoia and frustration set in, the more impact every little bit of drama has on the house.

What is evident, at least by the ratings over at Jokers Updates, one of the bigger Big Brother fan sites out there, Frankie is not the most beloved player by viewers. By their daily poll scale, he's currently dead last, in fact, falling below everyone including the evicted houseguests. But that can always turn around. And it'll be interesting to see what he has to say about all of this in his diary rooms.

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