Thursday night's episode of Big Brother left the house in a very uncertain place. To say that a lot has transpired in the Big Brother house since then would be the understatement of the summer. Get ready for a slew of Live Feed spoilers!

First, here's how the competitions and nominations went down after Thursday night's episode:

Head of Household: Nicole and Christine won.

Nominations: Nicole's: Frankie and Caleb. Christine's: Zach and Donny.

Battle of the Block: Frankie and Caleb won... possibly without much help from Caleb.

Veto: Zach won the Veto.

Eligible to be nominated in Zach's place: Cody, Derrick, Nicole, Victoria. Stuck on the Block: Donny. Safe: Caleb, Frankie, Zach.

The above summarizes very little about what went on in the house since Thursday night. Remember how Hayden and Nicole called out Frankie and Christine during the live show? That had a major effect on the houseguests afterward. Nicole was very upset after the live show, and essentially went on a mini-rant about people lying to her. Zach seemed all too happy to smile in her face about the situation, believing she was just trying to cover her butt after the Jocasta blindside and Hayden's exit. But really, Nicole got screwed, and she wasn't happy about it.

The Head of Household competition took place and Nicole and Christine won, which changed things drastically. Suddenly people were willing to hear Nicole out. And when conversations were had and names were dropped, people started sharing notes and starting to realize that Christine and Frankie might have been playing dirty, and working together much more than they were letting on.

This is all very condensed, because it would take thousands of words to fully recap every conversation that was had between houseguests...

Amidst the conversations, Christine and Nicole agreed not to nominate each other no matter who comes down. Frankie might have urged Nicole to put up Cody and Derrick, which Nicole told Zach, who told Derrick or Cody, or both. Either way, that got around and continued to hurt Frankie's game. It seemed like Caleb was pretty quick to believe Frankie was lying about things and playing all of them. And that Frankie was involved in the plot to get Amber out, which obviously he took very personally.

People seemed very distrustful of Christine too, but with her being HoH, she may not have felt the worst of that because people know they need to be careful around her, at least until Battle of the Block.

Zach reacted the most to the information he learned about Frankie and Christine. Obviously he wanted to get to the bottom of the situation involving his own near-eviction. So he opened up completely to Nicole in the beehive room. He told her about all of the alliances. She told him a bit about how the deals went down to get him out.

At that point, Frankie realized his game was sunk and made plans to reveal his true identity to the house. But he didn't end up doing that until after he won Battle of the Block, which he might have actually done all or mostly by himself, as Caleb adamantly vowed to throw the BoB competition to ensure Frankie stayed on the block. We don't see the competitions, so I have no idea if Caleb really sat down at "Go" and watched Frankie fend for himself as he intended. Regardless, Frankie won, so Nicole was dethroned and Donny and Zach remained on the block.

It was after that that Frankie revealed that he's a "social media mogul" and has more than a million collective followers on social media and that his sister is Ariana Grande. I'll get into that whole situation with photos in another post (read about Frankie's big reveal here!). This is about game, and from a game perspective, Frankie's reveal, which also included that he's playing for charity to build schools in Africa -- is that true? -- probably worked as a diversion, but in the long run, may hurt him more than it helps him. I can't imagine these houseguests will be so starstruck by who his sister is to keep him around. And the thought that he's playing for charity might cause people to want to nudge him out the door now while there are enough numbers to do it without any one person having to feel too responsible for it on an individual level.

As for Team America, I have no idea where that situation stands. Their task is to convince someone to get themselves nominated as a pawn and then try to get them out. I think Caleb might have willingly accepted his nomination in an effort to get Frankie out, but I have no idea if all of Team America had a part in that, especially Frankie. It sounds like they might try to get Nicole nominated so they can vote her out. There's also talk of getting Victoria nominated in Zach's place, in which case they might push for her to go up as a pawn, but there was a whole other set of drama involving her, Zach, Nicole and Derrick that might cause a problem there. Read all about that after the jump.

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