Is The Big Brother Reset Button Returning Tonight?

The Big Brother houseguests are in for a couple of twists during tonight's live episode, although their level of surprise may vary a bit. We'll get to that in a minute. We know that tonight's episode will be the first double eviction of the season, and those are always good for a bit of suspenseful live television as the houseguests scramble to try to make it through the episode without being sent out the door. We also know that the houseguests will learn that there will be nine jurors this season, which means the next two evictees will be sent to sequester. But is there a reset of some sort also in store?

Julie Chen Tweeted and Instagrammed the following photo this week:

The caption was:

Look what I found in the office today! Do you think it's just an old prop or should you #ExpectTheUnexpected? #BB15

If you watched last season, you'll probably remember that it began with four previous houseguests coming into the house as coaches. The reset button was brought in later on in the season to offer the couches the opportunity to enter the game as players, which meant they'd be eligible for eviction. It also meant they'd be eligible to win the $500,000. Only one coach needed to hit the button for all four of them to enter the game, and if I remember correctly, all of them did. And by hitting the reset button no one was evicted that week.

So how does the reset button factor into this season? It's entirely possible that it doesn't. Julie might just be messing with viewers ahead of tonight's big double eviction. If it were to factor into tonight's episode, I can't imagine that the reset button would save anyone from being evicted. We're promised two evictions. But it is possible it's being brought in to offer the houseguests the opportunity to opt out of this MVP twist going forward. And given the mystery MVP nominations over the last few weeks, it seems likely that at least one houseguest will hit the button in order to rid themselves of that bit of unpredictability.

I'm assuming there won't be an MVP nominee during the double eviction, because America has not been invited to vote for an MVP or a nominee this week. But it's possible the new Head of Household will get to pick a third nominee. Or there will just be two. There plenty of unknowns here, but if that button is brought out, we can't say we weren't warned, right?

LIVE FEED SPOILERS AHEAD - read no further if you don't want any spoilers about who might go home tonight!

As we shared yesterday, it's looking like Candice will go home tonight, but there's a lot of paranoia going on and there's been some talk about sending Amanda out the door, but I don't think there are enough people willing to do that tonight to make it happen - at least not during the first eviction. If Jessie were to get HoH for the second eviction, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Amanda went up on the block.

The houseguests were given an hour of no feeds last night for a celebration that I think might be the half-way point in evictions. When the feeds came back there was some talk about a possible double eviction, so something clued them into that, but they don't seem to know for sure. It's also unclear if they know that everyone remaining is going to jury (excluding the final two). Either way, don't expect them to be completely shocked by tonight's double eviction.

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