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Bitten Has Been Cancelled, Will Not Return For Season 4

Syfy has done a lot over the past several seasons to get new original programs into development. This month will see both The Expanse and Childhood's End’s hit the schedule, and other originals will be moving forward soon. While there’s a lot of good news over at the cable channel, this also means that a lot of the shows Syfy developed just a few short years ago are already getting axed. This morning, the network announced that the Syfy and Canada’s Space co-production Bitten will officially end after Season 3. Space is definitely out on the venture, and Syfy has also decided not to pick the drama up for a fourth season.

Space made the announcement on Wednesday, noting that the series is even moving into a dreaded Friday night timeslot on the Canadian channel for its third and final season (Syfy hasn’t yet assigned the series a return date). We suppose it could be worse. The show was renewed all the way back in June, but if things were going badly, the network could have always have changed its mind and straight-up cancelled the series. At least fans will get a third season to finish out its storyline in a way that hopefully ends up making sense for the story and is memorable. We also got a look at the synopsis for Season 3 and it sounds pretty interesting.

Here’s the official logline for where Season 3 will kick off:

Season 3 picks up several months after the harrowing battle in the Season 2 finale. Bolstering their ranks in the wake of the carnage The Pack is on the hunt for a dangerous group of traitorous Mutts lead by former Spanish Alpha, Eduardo Escobado. Meanwhile, Elena struggles with Pack Alpha Jeremy Danvers’ new draconian leadership style, and makes a shocking and surprising discovery about herself.

The decision to cancel the series is coming as supernatural-oriented dramas are not as popular as they once were. True Blood finished out its run a couple of summers ago, and shows like Supernatural, Grimm and The Vampire Diaries are getting a little long in the tooth. It also may not have helped Bitten that Syfy specifically is trying to get back into more science fiction programming rather than the fantasy programming that has helped to define the network ever since it changed names and logos.

The real draw for Bitten is that it stars Laura Vandervoort, an actress who has earned a cult fandom after portraying Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, on the CW’s Smallville. She later popped up in a couple of Haven episodes on Syfy before landing the lead gig on Bitten. The actress is already fighting the good fight to try to convince Syfy to pick up the mantle where Space left off.

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Bitten currently does not have a premiere date on Syfy, yet, but is expected to return in 2016. In the meantime, here’s what’s coming up this winter.

It's unfortunate that Bitten was cancelled. However, if you are looking to add the series to your dvd or blu-ray collection, you can check that out here.

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