Haven Renewed By Syfy For Season 4

It looks like Syfy’s Haven will be enjoying continued life on the cable channel. The show is currently airing its third season on the network, and is averaging 2.4 million viewers per episode--a number that isn’t great when compared to all shows, but is a good number for Syfy. For comparison, the series opener earned 2.8 million total viewers, which was up 10% from the Season 2 premiere. Those numbers were enough for Syfy to ensure the series would be back for Season 4. While the news is probably not a surprise for fans who have been keeping up with the ratings, I’m sure it is welcome for those who might have had the teensiest glimmer of doubt about the program returning.

Syfy announced the renewal on Friday, also noting that Haven will return to the schedule sometime in 2013. It’s difficult to get upset with such a vague premiere date since we have a few more episodes of Season 3 to go. We do know a few more details about Season 4. According to TV Line, 13-episodes are set for Season 4.

Series leads Emily Rose, Eric Balfour, and Lucas Bryant will return for the upcoming season of the show, which follows an FBI agent that came to Haven, Maine to look into a murder and found a place full of supernatural activity. Some crazy stuff has happened with Bryant’s character over the past few weeks, and it's good to know the character will be back next season—at least in some capacity.

Syfy’s Haven airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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