Bob's Burgers Is Getting A Cookbook, Get The Specifics

These days, I get almost as excited about entertainment tie-in products as I do about the movies and TV shows that the sometimes superfluous products were inspired by. Get ready to pull out your wallets along with your taste buds, as Bob’s Burgers will soon be getting its very own cookbook to give culinary-minded fans a shortcut to creating the show’s uniquely magnificent burger dishes.

Fans of the show are definitely familiar with the hard work that Bob Belcher puts into producing his tasty specials of the day. Not so much cooking them as coming up with the pun-riffic names that each one gets. Honda engineer Cole Bowden was so inspired by dishes like the “Paranormal Pepper-Jack-Tivity Burger” and the “Human Polenta-Pede Burger” that he started crafting his own matching recipes and posting them on the blog ‘The Bob’s Burger Experiment.” And now, two years after that project began, Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard is teaming up with Bowden on an official cookbook based on the critically acclaimed Fox series.

Bouchard, who is a big fan of Bowden’s blog, told NPR that the collaboration started after Bowden emailed him to ask if the burger of the day could be revealed ahead of time, so that newer burgers’ blog posts could be put up right after the accompanying episodes aired. (Bouchard also claims he hadn’t already reached out to Bowden because he didn’t want to mess with the amateur chef’s routine.) Agreeably sending Bowden info and screenshots from upcoming episodes, Bouchard soon realized that there’s a whole subsection of fans out there who are dying to cook Bob’s burgers for themselves. Such as this one.


And so the idea for a real cookbook was born. Bowden, who only realized his kitchen potential by starting the blog, will be the guy putting the recipes together and getting the written portion done, while Bouchard will supply illustrations to supplement the meals. Rizzoli Publications has already stepped in as publisher, although Bouchard says the project is still in the earliest days.

I can’t imagine we’ll be seeing this cookbook in stores anytime soon, but I don’t think it’s greedy to want to have it by the time Season 6 kicks off in the fall. In the meantime, though, I’ll just be sitting here drinking Game of Thrones beer and jotting down Hannibal recipes. These don’t seem quite as marketable, though.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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