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For reasons that are not entirely clear, one of the hottest stories in television these days is the impending return of Full House in its follow-up series for Netflix, Fuller House. In the last couple of months, the casting news has been coming fast and now it looks like the last piece is in place: Bob Saget is on board for the revival.

John Stamos - that’s Uncle Jesse to you - has been the driving force behind making the show happen, and he made the announcement on his Twitter feed last night:

Glaring spelling error aside (it's Twitter, but we're sensitive to these things, this is great news for fans excited for the revival...reboot...sequel. Do we know what we're calling this? This comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s report that Lori Loughlin, who played Stamos’ wife on the show, would also be returning. The new series will also star Candace Cameron-Bure as DJ Tanner-Fuller (get it?), a widowed pregnant mom who turns to her best friend, Andrea Barber’s Kimmi, and sister, Jodie Sweetin’s Stephanie, for help. Dave Coulier's Uncle Joey will also appear. Now Saget’s Danny Tanner, DJ’s father, rounds out the returning cast.

The only missing cast member(s) are the Olsen Twins, who played infant-to-toddler daughter Michelle. At one point they claimed to not even be aware that the show was coming, something Stamos used fairly strong language to contradict. The fact that Stamos refers to adding Saget as completing the “perfect reunion” certainly makes it sound like they will not be missed. Still, it’s not like they needed both of them to make it work. They couldn't make a deal with whichever one is more well-adjusted?

It had been previously reported that Coulier and Saget would have guest roles on the show, but as those reports came before either was officially on board, it’s hard to say how much they will be involved. The information we have certainly implies the focus will be Sweetin, Barber, and Cameron-Bure, but whether grandpa Danny Tanner will show up in only a couple episodes or be “DJ’s dad who won’t go away” remains to be seen.

Saget seems to be warming up for his return to family comedy. The stand-up comedian, who can be quite adult when he wants to be, recently showed up on America’s Funniest Home Videos, which he hosted mostly concurrently while starring in Full House’s original run. Fuller House is expected to hit sometime in 2016.

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