John Stamos Calls B.S. On The Olsen Twins Over Full House Reboot

If there’s anywhere in pop culture that you wouldn’t expect to find any sort of controversial in-fighting, it’s probably Full House, a show so unbearably wholesome that even E!’s True Hollywood Story was boring at best. Following the announcement of the Netflix revival series Fuller House, twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen said that they didn’t know anything about it, and that’s a claim that former co-star John Stamos has a problem with.

Here’s how Stamos replied to said news in a tweet that is epic in its simplicity.

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Of course, we have no idea if Stamos or some other show representative actually contacted the Olsen siblings to see if they were interested or not, but it definitely sounds suspect that they hadn’t ever heard anything about it. Plans for a follow-up series have been talked about for a while, so it seems like news would have trickled down the pipeline at some point, like melted “ous cweam” down a toddler’s chin. Maybe Stamos is just referring to that likelihood, although it’s still a statement in and of itself that he took to Twitter to call it bullshit.

The Olsens didn’t only call out Stamos when asked about the show, either. Ashley also pointed out that she’d recently run into Bob Saget and that he didn’t mention it. Saget didn’t take to social media to call them liars, though. He did tweet something about his boner the next day, because that’s just how he rolls.

Fuller House will revolve around Candace Cameron-Bure’s veterinarian D.J. Tanner-Fuller as a newly-widowed pregnant woman who tasks her musician-in-the-making sister Stephanie and best friend/fellow single mother Kimmy to move in to her San Francisco home and help her raise her soon-to-be three kids. (Both Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber will reprise their respective roles.) Stamos is back as the baby’s-ass-smooth Uncle Jesse, while other stars like Lori Loughlin have said they’ll come back if the contracts are kind to them. The Olsens were arguably the most questionable returnees, as everyone else’s returns seem quite probable.

In the potentially bullshitty interview, the twins did say that they would reach out to the creators to see what was happening. So Michelle Tanner may still one day make it back to the small screen, even if it takes a little public squabbling to get there.

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