The Book Of Mormon Meets South Park In Fantastic 'Hello' Tribute Video

A mashup of The Book Of Mormon and South Park seemed inevitable, but we might not have expected such a well constructed fan video. The video above takes the opening song from Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez's Broadway Musical The Book Of Mormon, "Hello," and sets it behind South Park animation, inserting settings and characters from Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Comedy Central series and adding in a lot of doorbell-ringing-singing Mormons.

For reference, for those who aren't familiar with The Book of Mormon and might not appreciate just how much of a tribute the above video is, watch the opening of the 2012 Tony Awards, which begins with "Hello!"

Simon Chong's South Park video (tipped by EW), not only finds clever South Park ways to match the video to the song...


But it also takes the time to create a South Park version of the goofy and fibbing Elder Cunningham...


In the video, which uses the original Broadway cast's soundtrack, that's Josh Gad's voice singing for Elder Cunningham.

And it brings all of the singing Mormons together in a chorus arrangement...

mormons cartoon

Just like they are on stage...

Mormon stage

The South Park video is a great tribute to the series creators' other very successful venture. And it makes me want to see all of Book of Mormon in South Park animation.

South Park is currently on hiatus between its 17th and 18th seasons. It's expected to return for Season 18 on Comedy Central later this year.

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