Earlier today, we shared an intense little teaser for the upcoming fifth season of Breaking Bad. While the video offered a rather graphic reminder of how things ended last year, it didn't show us anything new from Season 5. But this photo we have to show you from the fifth season premiere does! Celebrate the one-month countdown to Breaking Bad with a look at Walt and Jesse.

In truth, the photo below doesn't give away a whole lot. Walt and Jesse appear to be out in the desert somewhere and staring ahead at something. Any guesses as to what they're doing there and what they're looking at?

Neither looks particularly happy about whatever it is they're looking at. Or maybe the sun is just in their eyes. We can only guess right now. What's worth noting is that Walt still has the bandage on his nose, so it might be fair to assume this takes place not long after the events at the end of Season 4. And Walt and Jesse are on screen together, so that's something, right?

Watch the teaser we posted earlier today here. And here's a clip featuring Walt and Saul having a very tense conversation.

Breaking Bad returns to AMC for Season 5 on July 15.

Photo credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

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